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 Airborne Athletics, Inc.  Airborne Athletics, Inc. is the sole manufacturer and provider of the Dr. Dish 
Basketball Machines. Dr. Dish is the only Basketball Shooting Machines with 
access to the Skill Builder program, online Training Management System, and 
Swivel Net System for Game Location Passing. 
  11/14/17  11/24/17   LH
 Total Office  Total Office Technologies of Florida LLC is currently the only authorized dealer for RISO in Central Florida.  RISO machines, parts, and supplies are not offered on the open market.  Products are distributed through and serviced by authorized RISO Dealers, Resellers, and Branch locations who have specific authorized product lines    11/8/17 11/20/17   MP
 Shar Products Company  Sole provider for Franz Hoffman brand violins, violas, cellos and bases.   10/30/17 11/7/17 KB
 Project Lead The Way  PLTW program/curriculum, designated software or other equipment or goods.   10/4/17  10/13/17   KB

CoLibri Systems North America, Inc. 

CoLibri Systems North America, Inc. is the only company in the United States to provide the e-DaVinci, e-Leonardo book covering systems. The systems works both with paperback as well as with hard cover books. 

   9/28/17  10/9/17  MP
 SchoolDude  Sole Source Manufacturer and Distributor in Florida for “School Dude’s” EnergyManager Application, the App is able to be modified by the end user to run specific reports, that other Energy Management Apps are not able to run or allow the end user to request specific reports.      8/31/17 9/09/17  LAK 
 M & B Products M&B Products, Inc. hasn an exclusivity agreeemnt with Liqui-Box Corporation,and they are the only Dairy in the Florida to provide pouch products.    8/30/17   9/8/17  LH
 Calendly, LLC  Sole Source Manufacturer, Distributor and Service Provider for the “Calendly” Cloud based scheduling software able to integrate with Google calendar, Office 365 and Outlook.    08/29/17  09/07/17  LAK
 SynDaver Labs SynDaver Synthetic Human and SynDaver SynAtomy and SynTissue brand products.  The only synthetic human body that includes skin, fat, and fascia planes, all bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in typical human anatomy, fully articulating joints, a functioning respiratory system including trachea, lungs, and diaphragm, a complete digestive tract from the esophagus to rectum, the urinary tract (kidneys, bladder, and urethra), visceral organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen}, reproductive organs (male or female as appropriate}, a circulatory system with heart and coronary arteries, aorta, vena cava, and the primary arterial and venous trunks leading to the extremities. The SSH represents the pinnacle of hands-on surgical simulation    8/17/17 8/29/17   KB
 Dana Safety Supply Dana Safety Supply is the sole Law Enfocement Distributor of Sig Sauer products in the State of Florida.   8/17/17   8/28/17 LH
 The Flroida School Boards Association "BoardDocs" is a cloud-based service created by Emerald Data Solutions.  The Florida School Boards Association is the only supplier of BoardDocs servces for member and non-member school districts in Florida.    08/15/17    08/25/17  LAK
i-SAFE Enterprises

i-Safe offers a suite of technology solutions called “i-Safe Direct” as well as digital instruction programming materials titled DC4, which includes age-appropriate e-safety digital instructional programming materials and reporting solutions.  Due to i-Safe’s unique hybrid status and the exclusive way i-Safe integrates digital programming materials and technology tools, education institutions procure i-Safe through a Sole Source provider requisition.

i-Safe is the only nationally and worldwide provider of a comprehensive document delivery platform so that administrators may develop and disseminate a variety of online forms like Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), Permission Slip Forms (PS), Verifiable Parental Consent Requests (VPC), Human Resources Forms (HR), as well as other school district documents that administrators may choose.

i-Safe is also the only provider to include a complete comprehensive, research-based, best practices Internet safe curriculum and programming resources for all K-12 grade level students

i-Safe is the only provider to include a comprehensive reporting solution for both the document delivery platform and e-Safety curriculum/programming resources for CIPA/E-Rate compliance.





 7/27/17 8/07/17 LAK
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