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Gaggle.Net, Inc.   To the company's knowledge, gaggle is the sole source of the following item(s}, and no other company or firm in the united states of America sells or distributes the products listed: gaggle provides our safety management services for Office 365 email/OneDrive/yammer with unique controls that allow administrators to monitor and be notified of infractions. Our gaggle safety management service includes our safety representatives monitoring all blocked communication. It also provides unique access levels to help control, administer, and search through accounts. Service includes our proprietary anti-pornography scanner (APS) which detects and filters picture files for potential pornographic content. Competition in providing the above named item(s) or product is precluded by the existence of a patent, copyright, secret process, or monopoly. There is no other like item(s) available for purchase that would serve the same purpose or function and there is only one price for the above named item(s) or product(s) because of exclusive distribution or marketing rights.   6/19/18  6/28/18 MP
B&B Educational Consultants, Inc. Sole Source Copyright Holder and provider of comprehensive professional development services specific to the needs of English Language Learners and immigrant students in the context of school district initiatives. Includes materials that coordinate with the consultative services.   6/14/18  6/14/18 LAK
ESP Publishers, LLC.  ESP Publishers LLC, is the sole publisher & distributor of the SPE-1W (English to Spanish Workbook); “The Easiest Way to Learn Spanish, A Truly Bilingual Text”.    6/13/18 6/25/18 MP
Festo Didactic Inc., the training division of Festo Corporation  Sole supplier worldwide of the Festo Didactic product line of automation control technology training materials, as manufactured by our parent organization, Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. The Festo Didactic product line includes Learnline workstations, consisting of basic mobile and stationary units with various modular systems and extension elements and rolling and fixed storage elements. It also includes products from the acquired Lab-Volt Series of Educational Training systems.   6/13/18  6/25/18 MP
K12 Insight, LLC   K12 Insight is the sole owner and provider of its solution, called Let's Talk! To the best of our knowledge, there is no commercially available software solution that provides the capabilities available in Let's Talk!   6/12/18  6/21/18 MP
Backpack Gear, Inc.
  • Sole Source Provider for Backpack Gear Brand (our exclusive Maxx/Backpack Gear), School Supply Literacy Kits;, Hygiene Kits w/Full Size Products:

  • • 1st-3rd Grade Kit: 1-Ruler, 3-Folders, 1-Blunt Scissors, 24 PK Crayons, 10-#2 Pencils, Crayon Markers, 1-Large Glue Stick, 1-Wedge Eraser, 1-Pencil Sharpener, 3-Spiral Notebooks (70 pages) & 2-150 ct. Notebook Filler Paper

  • • 4-5th Grade Kit: 1-Ruler, 3-Folders, 1-Blunt Scissors, 24 PK Crayons, 10-#2 Pencils, Crayon Markers, 1-Large Glue Stick, 1-Wedge Eraser, 1-Pencil Sharpener, 3-Spiral Notebooks (70 pages) & 150 ct. Notebook Filler Paper, 3 pk. Liquid Highlighters.

  • • Middle School Supply Kit: 1-Ruler, 4-folders, 3 Pack Liquid Highlighters, 10 pk. Assorted Pens, 10 pk. #2 Pencils, 1-Large or 2 pk. Glue Sticks, 1-Wedge Eraser, Pencil Sharpener, 3-Sprial Notebooks (70 pages) & 2-150 ct. Filler Paper.

• Backpack #001-BPG-258 Features:
o 2 Main Compartments
o Front Accessory Pocket w/Bungee Cord
o Deluxe Air Mesh Padded Back
o Cell phone pocket on shoulder strap
o 2 Large Side Zippered pockets
o Adjustable Buckles
o Size: 19” x 12” x 7.5” / 1,750 cu.in.
• Color Options:
o Moss/Silver
o Black/Silver
o Navy/Silver

  6/11/18  6/21/18 LAK
Frontline Education, LLC.  Frontline Education, LLC is the exclusive owner, developer, provider and copyright holder of the integrated suite of products including Frontline Absence & Substitute Management, Frontline Time and Attendance, Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, Frontline Applicant Tracking & Proactive
Recruiting, Frontline Professional Development Management System, Frontline Professional Learning Management System, Frontline Employee Evaluation Management System, Frontline Evaluator Calibration Management System, Frontline Learning & Collaboration Resources, Frontline Learning and Collaboration Resources, and related licenses.
   6/11/18 6/20/18 MP
LEGO Education (division of LEGO Brand Retail) Sole Source Distributor of all LEGO Educational products, including MINDSTORMS EV3 for School Robotics base sets, classroom packs, activity guides, curriculum, and expansion sets, EV3 education software, site licenses, EV3 Design Engineering Projects, Activity Pack, EV3 Space Challenge set and Activity Pack, and all Pneumatics Add-on sets and activity packs.  WeDo 2.0 Robotics construction set, Resource set, software, activity packs, Simple Machines and Simple and Motorized Mechanisms, all activity guides, Story Starter and build To Express, MoreToMath core set and Curriculum Pack 1-2 MathBuilder software, LearnToLearn core set and Curriculum Pack, all FLL Registrations and sets and software associated FLL   6/5/18  6/15/18 LAK
LEGO Education (division of LEGO Brand Retail) Sole Source Provider for the LEGO Education Academy Professional Development Trainings.    6/5/18 6/15/18 LAK
FANUC America Corporation  FANUC American Corporation Certified Education Robot Training.   5/31/18  6/8/18 KB
McTighe & Associates Consulting, LLC.  Jay McTighe is the co-author of the Understanding by Design (UbD)® series (ASCD, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2017). These books and associated materials address key aspects of standards-based curriculum design, assessment and instructional practice with a focus on developing and

deepening students' understanding.

The Understanding by Design (UbD) name is Trademarked and its materials are copyrighted. McTighe and Associates is the only organization, other than ASCD (publisher), that is authorized to conduct professional development/ training on UbD.
  5/24/18  6/4/18 MP
 MindPlay, Inc.  Mind Play Development and Publishing, is the sole developer, publisher, copyright holder, and sole source of the reading software and internet delivered products entitled MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach™ , MindPlay Reading Fluency, MindPlay Universal Reading Screener, MindPlay Teacher Companion, and MindPlay Understanding Dyslexia for Teachers. Destination Knowledge, led by Kristine Marsh, is the sole authorized representative of MindPlay, Inc., providing products and services in the State of Florida.   5/23/18  6/1/18 MP
Teengagement a division of Principle Woods, Inc.  Principle Woods, Inc. is the sole provider, exclusive vendor, and holder of proprietary rights for all Teengagement® content, curriculum, and professional development materials; Alternative Athletic Treatment, Chords of Pop, Video Games Design & Theory and Mirror Neurons.   5/23/18  6/1/18 MP
 Sphero, Inc. Is the sole source provider of the SPRK+® Power Pack™ and has exclusive rights and abilities to make and sell this product in North America.


  5/15/18  5/25/18   LAK
Winsor Learning, Inc. Sole Source producer, manufacturer, copyright holder of the Winsor Learning Materials including Sonday System 1 Intervention Set and the Sonday System 1 Installation Training.  Which is an introduction to Multisensory Methodology and a detailed look at the implementation of Sonday System 1 Reading Intervention Program.   5/8/18  5/18/18 LAK
Winsor Learning, Inc. Sole Source trainer focusing on the Sonday System 1 Instructional materials, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehensive Instruction    5/8/18 5/18/18 LAK
AVID Center  Sole Source Manufacturer, Distributor and Service Provider for the AVID College Readiness System and related AVID curriculum and promotional materials   5/7/18   5/17/18  LAK
Kindermusik International Kindermusik is the sole publisher and source for the Kindermusik @ School curricula. The copyrighted material is produced and manufactured exclusively by Kindermusik International   5/8/18  5/17/18 MP
Cloud9World Cloud9World, is the sole source publisher for Cloud9World Social and Emotional - Character Strength Building Program. Destination Knowledge is the sole distributor of Cloud9World products for Osceola County.   5/8/18  5/17/18 MP
Latinos in Action  Latinos In Action program is a sole source product, manufactured, sold and distributed exclusively by Latinos In Action. No other company makes a similar or competing product. We are the only Latino-serving organization that operates as a yearlong, elective course and works from within the school system to provide students with an asset-based class that prepares them for college and career with service as the vehicle that drives their personal and academic development.    5/8/18 5/17/18 MP

My PLTW Store

(Project Lead The Way)
Sole Source Equipment and Service Provider for the various PLTW software, programs and supply kits.     5/3/18 5/13/18 LAK
Rapid Solution Groups, Inc. Sole Source Manufacturer of the processing services for the Florida DOE Cost Reporting system.   5/3/18  5/3/18 LAK
The Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. (CPI) Sole Source of the Training Programs, DVD’s, posters and workbooks created by CPI   5/1/18  5/11/18 LAK
 SynDaver Labs SynDaver Synthetic Human and SynDaver SynAtomy and SynTissue brand products: The only synthetic human body that includes skin, fat and fascia planes, all bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in typical human anatomy, fully articulating joints, a functioning respiratory system including trachea, lungs, and diaphragm, a complete digestive tract from the esophagus to rectum, the urinary tract (kidneys, bladder and urethra) visceral organs (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen), reproductive organs (male or female as appropriate), a circulatory system with heart and coronary arteries, aorta, vena cava and the primary arterial and venous trunks leading to the extremities. The SSH represents the pinnacle of hands-on surgical simulation.    5/1/18  5/10/18  KB
Amatrol Amatrol Learning systems include student curriculum and instructor's guides. D.C. Jager Corp is the Authorized Distributor within the state of Florida and therefore is the only distributor supported by Amatrol for Florida purchases.   5/1/18  5/10/18   KB
Learning Sciences International  Learning Sciences International and Dr. Robert J. Marzano are the co-developers of the Marzano Center Hierarchical Evaluation System. And sole source provider of Focused Teacher Evaluation Model “FTEM”
Learning Sciences International is the exclusive worldwide provider of materials, technology, and training for Hierarchical Educator Evaluation and effectiveness systems for district leaders, school leaders, teachers, and support personnel.
  4/23/18  5/03/18   LAK

LinkedIn is the only professional social media platform to provide its clients with access to 500 million members worldwide to connect and engage with and advertise to. The unique recruiting services offered include:

  • LinkedIn offers a database of 500 million active and passive candidates to source various talent
  • The sourcing tool incorporates a dashboard to target, manage and outreach to every LinkedIn member openly (without having to connect with them first)
  • The tools allows clients to feature and advertise vacancies to relevant 500 million member audience & targeting with matching algorithms, to only relevant talent
LinkedIn gives clients the capability to showcase an employer brand presence via a “Career Page” to a larger audience of 500 million members. To target the audience to relevant viewers, LinkedIn pushed out traffic driving adds to lead potential talent back to the page
   4/24/18 5/3/18 MP
 Library Video Company d/b/a Safari Montage  SAFARI Montage is the sole direct source for the entire SAFARI Montage suite of products and related services, including certain servers loaded with the SAFARI Montage operating system software. Library Video Company d/b/a SAFARI Montage manufactures and offers for sale the SAFARI Montage system, which provides school districts with an integrated Learning Object Repository, Video Streaming Library, Media Delivery System and Digital Learning Platform.   4/23/18 5/2/18 MP
 Academy of Construction Technologies “ACT”  Single Source Service Provider for registered youth/pre-apprenticeship program in Orange, Osceola and Seminole County High Schools for the construction Industry.
Providing training in the construction industry including specialized curricula developed by industry professionals in the following fields: Carpentry, Electrical, Heating, Ventilations & air Conditioning (HVAC), Masonry, and Plumbing/Pipefitting.
  4/20/18  4/30/18 LAK
 DeltaMaker, LLC.  

DeltaMaker, LLC is the sole distributor, manufacturer, and maker of the DeltaMaker 3D Printer. DeltaMaker 3D printer is constructed from high-strength and lightweight aluminum, which enables it to continue operating if accidentally bumped while printing and is designed specifically for schools, and provides a large, open

viewing area so every student can see inside the printer while it is printing. This printer has a stationary build plate that does not require blue tape or glue, which produces better print quality, and does not need to be manually recalibrated.
  4/17/18  4/26/18 MP
 SONS – Student Organizational Notebook System  SONS is a patent pending organizational notebook system.  Notebooks are color coded for each topic and include folders for assignments and completed tasks.  Handwriting books are saddle stitched and age appropriate with lined paper for second or third graders providing different elementary spacing requirements.   4/16/18  4/26/18 LAK
 Eductional Printing Materials, Inc. Printing for the AVID based planners for Elementary and Middle School Planners.    4/16/18 4/26/18 LLH
 DeliverEd, LLC  

Consulting Services focused on the development of school-level “stocktakes” which will build the capacity of education leaders to achieve ambitious results for students.

Book “Deliverology in Practice” that outlines the experience and lessons learned from years of utilizing this approach with education leaders across the country.
DeliverEd will help implement these ideas and training at the school level to complement the District’s Strategic Plan.
  4/3/18  4/13/18   LAK
 Prentke Romich Company (PRC)  Single Source Manufacturer of Speech Generating devices, featuring Unity® Language Systems and it is also the foundation of the LAMP Words for Life® and CoreScanner™ language systems.  These products are designed to meet the needs of those with Autism   3/26/18  4/4/18 LAK
 Prentke Romich Company (PRC)  Single Source Manufacturer and Provider for the Accent™ 1400, Accent™ 1000, Accent™ 800 and all their accessories.   3/26/18  4/4/18 LAK
 Prentke Romich Company (PRC)  Single Source Provider for the NuEye™ and NuPoint™ and their accessories   3/26/18  4/4/18 LAK
 Shar Products Company Sole provider for franz Hoffmann brand violins, violas, cellos, and basses.   3/15/18 3/26/18 KB
 Cooler Trailers, LLC Coole Trailers with an all in one 110 volt refrigeration system    3/5/18 3/15/18   LH
 Hussey Seating  Southeastern Surfaces and Equipment Ins is the sole provider for all Hussey Seating int he state of Florida.   2/20/18  3/3/18   CJ/AS
 Project Lead the Way  PLTW program/curriculum, designated software or other equipment or goods.   2/16/18  2/27/18   KB
 Kleo, Inc. d/b/a ClassWallet  

ClassWallet is a sole source product created and distributed exclusively by Kleo, Inc. d/b/a ClassWallet. ClassWallet is a

software as a service product streamline our Florida Teacher Classroom Supply Assistance Program. This program will facilitate moving away from the traditional paper route and have teachers shop online with their allocated funds in this company’s marketplace and if the teacher chooses to buy out of their own funds, the reimbursement tool is also a link on the website. 
   1/30/18  2/8/18  MP
Ed Leadership Sims (ELS)

Is the sole source provider of the “Ed Leadership Simulation Library”. The Simulations, which are linked to the PSEL Standards, are browser based, Branching Scenarios, which exhibit elements of choose-your-own-adventure exercises. Each decision has a unique branch that is followed so participants experience the consequences of their leadership decisions in a realistic context. The simulations are designed to be delivered wherever the district chooses to deploy them (as part of a face-to-face or virtual workshops, individual/self-paced exercises or as leader-led activities in a school) and do not require any outside facilitation.

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