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Print Shop Pro Instructions

Submitting & Scheduling...

Print Shop Pro
The Print Shop has implemented Print Shop Pro (PSP) as our ordering system.
Click HERE for a flyer describing Print Shop Pro. Using this system:

• Forms Control (FC) forms can be viewed and ordered.
• PDF files can be submitted.
• Requests that require paper originals or other offline media can be submitted.
• Print Shop supplies can be ordered.

Print Shop Pro Registration
Print Shop Pro requires you to register before use. Registration approval is not automatic, but will be approved ASAP.

Print Shop Pro Training
Please take the time to watch the short movies linked below. You may also right-click and download the movies to your desktop. Print Shop Pro is updated regularly, so the current web pages may look different than the pages shown in these movies. 

IF YOU CHANGE POSITIONS: Please transfer your account to someone at your facility by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of Print Shop Pro and changing the information. You MUST also inform the Print Shop when you do this so that new order tickets contain the correct information.

Overview / My Orders / Reorders
Please use the Copy Order function solely for the purpose of reordering the same exact thing, adjusting only the quantity and due date.

Forms & Store

Code of Conduct
(No video) Items in this category will take you directly to the order page for the English or Spanish Student Code of Conduct in the Store. View the Forms & Store video to see how to complete a Store order.

Elementary Curriculum Books
(No video) Items in this category will take you directly to the order page for Elementary Curriculum Books in the Store. View the Forms & Store video to see how to complete a Store order.

Simple Copies




Business Cards

#10 Envelopes

All Other Printing

Authorization & Budget Numbers
Contact your bookkeeper for specific information on how your school ordepartment handles printing orders. Each time you order, you must get approval from your school or department, and budget numbers to use from your bookkeeper. Remember that Internal Accounts, Charter Schools and the Foundation for Osceola Education must use their assigned budget strips, too. 

  • The budget strip is broken down into separate boxes for each part:
  • Enter the correct number of characters in each box.
  • Do not type periods or any separator.
  • Note that you will enter the 2-digit budget year in which the order is being charged.
  • For example, you would enter 16 for the 2015-2016 budget/school year.

Bookkeepers: If you have problems with your budget line, contact the Finance Office.

IMPORTANT Copyright Reminder
When submitting orders that include copies from books and documents from the internet, you must include permission to reprint each time you order. A copy of a page from the document stating that you have permission to copy or a letter from the Copyright holder are acceptable permission. If you do not include the permission your order will be delayed or returned.

Ordering Forms
You can order Forms Control (FC) forms by choosing "Forms & Store" in Print Shop Pro. The easiest way to find a form is to use the search box to search for the last four numbers in the FC number. For instance, search for 1880 to find FC-600-1880.

The quantity requested should ALWAYS be the number of finished size forms, not sheets, pads, packages, etc..

When you order, the paper choice has already been entered for you. Some forms can be ordered on alternate paper choices. Just specify your choice under Special Instructions. If you want your plain paper forms padded, you MUST use Special Instructions to tell us how many finished pads you want, and how many forms per pad.

For forms orders, it is not necessary to send a sample or an original to copy from. We use the latest versions of these forms from PSP.

Forms Categories
Adult Learning Center Osceola (ALCO) FC-370
Alternative Programs FC-720
Business & Fiscal Services FC-200
Career & Technical Education FC-300
Charter Schools & Educational Choices FC-750
Community Relations / OASIS (Volunteer Services) FC-231
Curriculum & Instruction FC-700
Exceptional Student Education FC-400
Extended Day Program FC-740
Facilities Division FC-900
Grant Management FC-500
Health & Safety FC-290
Human Resources FC-120
Information Services FC-210
Maintenance FC-240
Media & Instructional Technology FC-820
Multicultural Education FC-730
Professional Development FC-710
Purchasing / Property Records / Warehouse FC-220
Records Management FC-260
School Nutrition Services FC-230
Schools FC-850
Special Programs FC-800
Student Services FC-600
Superintendent FC-100
Technical Education Center Osceola (TECO) FC-350
Transportation FC-250

Business Cards
Click on the Business Cards link to the left to see information about ordering.

Order preprinted District-only envelopes and blank A2 & A6 size envelopes from the Forms & Store category. Click on the Envelopes link to the left to see information about ordering printed department or school #10 envelopes.

Getting your orders to us
PSP can be accessed from the Print Shop home page. You may upload your already-made PDF files on the PSP web pages  and fill out the printing request online.

If you will be sending "offline media", such as paper originals, be sure to tell us that under Special Instructions. You simply print out the finished request and send it along with your materials. You can send it through the District Courier or drop it off at the Print Shop. Any files supplied should be in PDF format.

My Orders (Order History and Reordering)
You can access your order history through PSP, and reorder. On the main page, choose My Orders on the menu bar. You can sort your orders several ways. You can see the status of the orders on this list. To reorder, choose View, then Copy Order. Be sure to make any necessary changes on the next screen then click on Save. Your reorder will not be completed until you click on Submit Order on the next page.

There are a few machines that may be used by you on a "walk-up" basis. See the Services area for more info. You can charge these walk-up copies and items to your department or school by filling out a PSP order on one of our computers. You will need to have the budget numbers to use for the chargeback.

What to submit
If you are not submitting any offline material your order can be completed online in PSP. If you need to submit a previous sample, written copyright reprint information or other material to accompany the online order, be sure to let us know it's coming by making a note of it in "Special Instructions", and send your materials along with a printout of the finished order confirmation.

If you need to submit offline material for printing, fill out the PSP Printing Request, print out a copy of the Job Ticket, attach it to your materials and send it to the Print Shop. You can use the Courier system or drop it off. Any files supplied should be in PDF format.

Please check out the link to the left titled Document Creation for more details on document creation.

If you are responsible for creating or updating an FC form, contact the Records department for instructions. Please let them know as soon as possible if a form is going to be updated.

Turnaround time
We ask for 10 working days (from the time we receive it) to produce your average order. If it is more complicated or a larger than average order, it may take longer. Most orders, however, are turned around in less than 10 working days.

If you have a rush order, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. Please do not request something as a rush unless absolutely necessary. Rushing your order means that someone else's order will be delayed.

Print Shop personnel work overtime as necessary during periods of heavy demand. If you have an unusually important rush order you may request that it be done on overtime. This should only be used in extreme circumstances, and is subject to personnel availability. You will be responsible for all of the paperwork involved for an overtime contract.

Printing done "Outside"
The District now has a bid for ALL printing. If printing cannot be done in the in-house printing facility, it can be printed by one of the outside printers on bid. The description of the printing project must be presented to the Print Shop manager, who will determine if the printing can or cannot be done in-house. If it is determined that it cannot be produced in-house, you will be free to choose one of the outside printers on bid. This procedure applies to ALL Osceola District Schools printing.

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