• BYOD Information

    Welcome to the BYOD Resource Page

    Here you will find answers to the Osceola School District BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program as it pertains to Bellalago Academy.

    Bellalago Academy is now a BYOD school, where students can now bring their own devices, such as iPads, Netbooks, Laptops, Smart Phones, etc, to be used for educational purposes only, and only at the classroom teachers’ direction.

    What is BYOD?

    BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. BYOD is a School District of Osceola County Initiative to allow students to bring their own electronic devices to help aid in their educational process, therefore all devices are to be used ONLY for educational purposes. BYOD IS NOT a program that allows students to use their electronic devices at any time and in any manner they choose. All devices are to be used in the classroom setting and ONLY at the teachers direction.

    Who is allowed to take part in BYOD?

    Any student whose parent has not notified the school in writing that their student may not participate will be allowed to participate in the BYOD program at Bellalago Academy. If a student DOES NOT have a letter on file in the main office they WILL be allowed to participate in the BYOD program at any time.

    When can a student use their personal device?

    Students many use their personal devices ONLY in their classroom or in the computer lab(s) under the direct approval of their teacher. This is the ONLY time a student will be allowed to use their personal device. Personal devices ARE NOT ALLOWED in the hallways, cafeteria, media center, PE area, or any other area outside the classroom or computer lab(s). If a student is found using their personal device, including cell phones, in any area other than their classroom or the computer lab(s) at the appointed time, their device will be subject to confiscation and will not be returned until their parent of guardian come into school to pick it up.

    Is it mandatory that a teacher / classroom participate in BYOD?

    No, it is not mandatory for any teacher or classroom to participate in BYOD. The BYOD program is strictly voluntary for a teacher to implement in their classroom. If a teacher chooses not to allow the students to use their personal devices in their classroom, then NO student, whether they have a signed form on file or not, will be allowed to use their personal devices in that classroom. Any student violating this rule will be subject to disciplinary actions per Osceola County School District polices.

    Is a student allowed to access the internet using their own 3G or 4G network, or any other access beside SDOC provided network access?

    No. Students will only be allowed access to the internet through the SDOC BYOD wireless network. Any student caught accessing the internet using any other access point besides the SDOC BYOD wireless network will be subject to disciplinary actions per Osceola County School District Policies.

    Is there currently a wireless network available at Bellalago Academy to allow students access to the internet using their personally owned devices?

    Yes, we do have wireless capability for BYOD.  Students can access the internet using their own personal devices. The rules and policies in this information regulate the use of student devices while on campus.

    What devices are NOT allowed in school under the BYOD program?

    Game Boy systems, Nintendo DS systems, Playstations, PS2, PSP, X-Box game systems, Nintendo Cube systems, Wii systems, NVIDIA Shield, Razor Edge, game Stick, Wikipads, and any other gaming system. At NO time are gaming systems, of any kind, allowed at Bellalago Academy. If gaming systems are found they will be confiscated and held until the students' parents come to the school to retrieve it.

    SDOC BYOD Rules and Guidelines

    Found on the SDOC BYOD Program Authorization Form FC-820-2500ERS (04/18/13)

    1. The student is fully responsible, at all times, for the personally owned device(s) brought to school. The School District is not liable for any loss/damage/theft of a personally owned device

    2. The student must be logged into a BYOD wireless network.

    3. The student is NOT authorized to connect personally owned devices to the WIRED network.

    4. The student is responsible for the condition of the device brought to school, including updates, antivirus software, and repair.

    5. Personal devices should be charged and recharged outside of school, unless specific permission is granted.

    6. The student may only use personally owned devices for educational purposes during school hours in classroom/designated areas in which teachers have agreed to participate in the BYOD program. Outside these classrooms/designated areas, all electronic devices should be turned off and not visible.

    7. No device, personal or otherwise, may be used to record, store, or transmit any type of image, sound, or video from any classroom/designated area, except for approved projects with the express written permission of the classroom teacher.

    8. If reasonable belief exists that the student has violated the terms of this agreement, or other school or district policies, the student's device may be inspected and/or confiscated. Subsequent or additional disciplinary action involving misuse of technology may extend to loss of technology privileges or further action as defined in the Code of Student Conduct.

    9. Students are not permitted to share passwords or devices with other students.