The Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola is committed to excellence in providing the most extensive, relevant and comprehensive training to present and future law enforcement and corrections officers in order to provide our citizens with the highest level of professional service possible.

Program Details

Advanced Credentials & Requirements

  • The FLDE State Law Enforcement Officer's Certification Exam must be passed prior to employment with a law enforcement agency.


How to Apply

  • Print and fill out application packet then drop it off at the Criminal Justice Academy building located at our Kissimmee Campus. 

What you'll learn

  • Occupational Completion Points

    Introduction to Law Enforcement - 10 hours
    Legal - 62 hours
    Interactions in a Diverse Community - 40 hours
    Interviewing and Reporting Writing - 56 hours
    Fundamentals of Patrol - 35 hours
    Calls for Service - 36 hours
    Criminal Investigations - 50 hours
    Crime Scene Courtroom - 35 hours
    Critical Incidents - 44 hours
    Traffic Stops - 30 hours
    DUI Traffic Stops - 24 hours
    Traffic Crash Investigations - 32 hours
    CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations - 48 hours
    CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Firearms - 40 hours
    CMS Criminal Justice Firearms - 80 hours
    CMS Criminal Justice Defense Tactics - 80 hours
    Dart-Firing Stun Gun - 8 hours
    Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training - 60 hours

    *Successful completion of an OCP may qualify a student for employment.