The primary purpose and mission of the club will be to promote art and creativity in such a rigorous academic environment. Many students fail to express the right half of their brains, meaning they don’t challenge their artistic side, which is equally as important as the left half. We will challenge the right side of student’s brains by making a club where its members partake in artistic projects of various mediums like theater, music, and traditional art. Basically, “putting the A in STEAM”.

    Student Leader(s)

    Josh M.

    Brianna R.

    Julian R.

    Faculty Leader(s)

    Jonathan Motta

    Club Goals

    • Host an event that showcases all of the student's work from each semester.
    • Host workshops that students can go to and learn different skills relating to the arts (e.g., music writing, basic acting, or sketching) and expand their interests/knowledge in the various mediums.