• UPDATE and REMINDER for COLLEGEBOARD ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTING:  Osceola County will not be participating in the digital exam options being provided by College Board. Students will be taking the exams face to face at their home zoned schools during the first administration window of May 3-7, 10-12, 14 and 17). There is no cost to the student to complete the exam. It is important that students give the best effort on the written exam where they are able to review their work and make corrections as they test.


    If they meet any of the criteria for needing to participate in the 2nd or 3rd administration, it is important to understand that the test format will likely change and there will NOT be a paper-pencil option that allows students the advantage to move back to previous questions or review questions they’ve already answered.  Our goal is to offer students the best opportunity to be successful.  Administration 2 and Administration 3 will only be available to students who meet one of the following criteria: a district approved exception- such as a field trip, conflict with another exam, and/or medical emergency.