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    Students who have a clear-cut career goal and would like to get into the job market quickly, should consider enrolling in a technical college. Technical colleges (also called trade schools) have an emphasis on hands-on training for a specific career.

    At a technical college, students only take classes geared toward one specific career. At other colleges/universities, students take a wide range of general education classes that are not focused on the chosen career path.  

    Technical colleges also provide more supervision to help students keep up with their work. Many also offer internships or apprenticeships that help students move into the workforce after completing their program.

Osceola Technical College

  • Students wanting to attend a technical school but stay close-to-home, should consider a program at one of Osceola Technical Colleges. Each school has a wide variety of certification and degree opportunities, some that can be completed in just 1 year. You can choose a program based on your interests or choose from one of the high-demand career cluster programs.

    Be sure to review the programs offered at each school:

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