• E-Sports

    Welcome to NeoCity Academy's E-Sports Club, also known as Istis Gaming. We are the first e-sports club in Osceola County and are proud to bring gaming to all of you. We're excited to have you be a part of this amazing opportunity brought you by the HSEL (High School Esports League) and Generation Esports. You can also find out more information by visiting our website at Istis Gaming.

    Student Leader(s)

    Leah M.

    Zulymar D.

    Faculty Leader(s)

    Amanda Greco

    Meeting Dates/Times

    2nd & 4th Friday during Research in Room 203

    Club Goals

    • Host one community event as well as one fundraiser or sponsored event

    Games Offered

    • Minecraft Survival
    • Rocket League
    • Heartstone
    • League of Legends
    • NBA 2K
    • Madden
    • Fifa
    • 10-Minute Chess