• Osceola High School’s

    Standards of Participation


    Kowboy students and families,

    At Osceola High School, we believe that students should maintain high standards in academics, behavior, and attendance.

    The following Standards of Participation should be met by all Osceola High School students in order to maintain eligibility for extra-curricular events and activities.

    1. 2.0 Grade Point Average (weighted) 
    2. Less than 10 absences for Semester 1 events;
    3. less than 15 absences for Semester 2 events
    4. 0 days of out of school suspension


    Events and activities included under the Osceola High School Standards of Participation include, but are not limited to:

    • Homecoming Events
    • Field Trips
    • Prom
    • Grad Bash


    Students meeting and exceeding these standards, qualify for the opportunity to receive some of these events as a free incentive. 

    It is the students’ responsibility to know and abide by these Standards of Participation.

    These Standards are posted in all classrooms at Osceola High School


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