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  • Our Team

    The Transportation Services Department plays an extremely big role in a student's education. The State of Florida mandates that each child who attends a Florida public school must spend a certain number of hours with their teacher each day. This is where the department plays a big role in education. Every single one of our employees plays a role in making sure our children get the education they are entitled to. Our employees wake up every day knowing they are working to make a positive impact on the future generation.



  • Benefits of joining Transportation!

    • Full-time employees are able to receive medical, vision and dental insurance
    • Full-time employees can enroll in the Florida Retirement Plan, which is one of the best in the country! 
    • Flexible schedules
      • Bus drivers and attendants will have down time betweent their morning and afternoon runs
    • Most nights and weekends off!
      • Unless a driver decides to pick up a field trip
    • Plenty of opportunities for overtime
    • Pay starts at $15 an hour for substitute drivers and that goes up to $16.50 an hour once a driver becomes a permanent driver
    • Every federal holiday off!
    • Drivers and Attendants get the summers off!
      • 12 month employees get to work four days a week in the summer, meaning you are off on Fridays! 

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