Information Services

The Information Services Department provides the technical programming support for a number of the District’s business-related applications and employs 31 full-time district-funded staff.

The IBM iSeries computer is the main server used for running the Business & Fiscal Services applications using a software package called TERMS – Total Educational Resource Management System.

In 2014 the District migrated from the TERMS Student Information System (SIS) to a hosted, web-based system called FOCUS.

I/S is responsible for the programming and administration of a number of other client/server and web-based applications which reside on servers maintained by the Information Technology Department. 

The FirstClass email system, which resided in the IS Department since 1998, is being migrated to Office 365 Outlook where it will be managed by the Technology Services Department due to how tightly integrated it is with Active Directory and student accounts which have resided in Office 365 since 2014.

I/S is also the home of Records Management.

We also have a staff person dedicated to supporting the technical needs of the Transportation Department.

State Mandates: Survey data files reported to the Florida Department of Education

    1. Student surveys sent eight times per year (K-12)
    2. District funding from FL DOE is based on FTE calculations from the October and February surveys
    3. Student survey data also impacts school grades, class size, VAM, McKay scholarship, and more.
    4. Bonus FTE programs: Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Industry-certified career or professional academy program
    5. Staff surveys sent four times per year
    6. Adult Education surveys called WDIS sent five time per year


Our Services


Finance & Business applications maintenance and customization


    Employee Portal development, maintenance and customization

    1. Integration with Payroll and Finance systems
    2. Leave Management, Requests, Approvals and Reports
    3. OPS Contracts Management
    4. Employee Paystubs, W2s and “About You” information
    5. Purchase Order Requisition Approvals
    6. Budget Amendment Approvals
    7. Budget Management for Administrators
    8. Work Order System Management
    9. Risk & Benefits Management
  • Payroll system maintenance and customization

    1. Payroll processing
    2. KRONOS timekeeping interface
    3. Reports and custom data requests

    Human Resources system maintenance and customization

    1. Personnel/HR
    2. Integration with Employee Portal
    3. Staff surveys for FL DOE

    Facilities Management system maintenance and customization

    1. Property Records (Fixed Assets)
    2. Warehouse (inventory control , shipping & receiving, ordering)
    3. Extract Finance information for eBuilder

    Student Information System (SIS) management and support

    1. Support and training for users on our SIS - FOCUS
    2. User account management
    3. Integration with external systems
    4. Demographics, address & contact data
    5. Scheduling and pre-scheduling
    6. Health data
    7. Enrollment
    8. Registration
    9. Attendance
    10. Grade book
    11. Discipline
    12. Test scores
    13. Title I and SES
    14. Transportation
    15. Virtual School support
    16. Survey pre-verification meetings, reporting, edits and corrections
    17. Support for the processing and printing of report cards
    18. Transcript processing – Using FASTER – Florida Automated System for Transferring Educational Records – we send and receive student transcripts to and from other Florida schools.  This includes Bright Futures and “Talented 20” data transmissions.
    19. Workforce Development Information System (WDIS) – adult education and vocational programs
    20. Online ESE system serving the ESE Department and all ESE Students (this system is  being phased out and being replaced by the State’s PEER System)
    21. Training support staff and administration on use of FOCUS
    22. Technical support for TECO on FOCUS' Career & Technical Education system (POS, Internal Accounts, 1098, etc.)
  • IBM iSeries Operations

    1. Printing reports and queries
    2. Processing and printing payroll
    3. Accounts Payable checks
    4. W2’s
    5. 1099’s
    6. Data exports/imports e.g. direct deposit, positive pay, check reconciliation
    7. User profile management
    8. Tape backups
    9. Disaster Recovery Plan and testing with Brevard County
    10. IT audits support

    Osceola Data Management System (ODMS) data warehouse

    1. Developed in conjunction with the Research, Evaluation & Accountability department.
    2. District-wide access for teachers, administrators, support staff
    3. Student data
    4. Employee data
    5. School Improvement plans
    6. Ad hoc department reports
    7. Subscription services available

    Web Application Development, SharePoint & Support

    1. SharePoint support and Intranet Services for document sharing and communication
    2. Case Management System
    3. Progress Monitoring Plan System
    4. 21 Century/Spirit Program Attendance & Reporting
    5. Online Exit Interview system
    6. HR queries
    7. Finance queries
    8. Documents Database (for publishing invoice and PO information)


    1. Edulog support (bus route management)
    2. Contact tracker online system (our own system)
    3. Transportation Employee Information System (our own system)
    4. School Bus AVL System (GPS on school buses)
    5. General PC & printer tech support
    6. Versatran’s Fleet Vision System support (fleet maintenance program)
    7. Digital Sign-in Application
    8. Contact Tracking System

    Email Administration (FirstClass is migrating to Office 365 Outlook in 2016)

    1. Postmaster/Email Administrator
    2. Manage email server, archive server, sync server and spam/virus firewall
    3. Account maintenance
    4. FirstClass conference setup and management
    5. Support for smart phone integration with email (iOS, Blackberry, Android)
    6. Training of School Tech Contacts on how to maintain their school conferences and   calendars
    7. Email support for all users

     Legacy support:

    Records Management

    1. Student and Staff records from all schools and Departments in the district
    2. Student records from private schools that have closed and turned records over to us per Florida Statue
    3. Manage retention and destruction of records according to state and federal laws
    4. Microfilming of permanent records
    5. Records requests: public records requests, transcript requests, audits. students, colleges, attorneys, background investigation companies, federal agencies, military recruiters, social security administration
    6. Annual records destruction coordinated with all schools and departments to destroy records that have met all retention requirements
    7. Secure shredding of private, confidential and exempt information
    8. Records destruction
    9. Supervisor serves on District Technology Committee, Software Evaluation Committee, Technology Plan Revision Committee
    10. Training Workshop on “How to Inventory Records”
    11. Student Records Manual
    12. Resource to district staff
    13. Forms management for all district approved forms
    14. Forms Control Committee
    15. Posting of forms to our intranet for access electronically
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