• otech

    Changing Lives Through Education

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Osceola Technical College is to provide education which prepares and inspires all to their highest career and academic potential by integrating technical and academic training. 

    Vision Statement

    Osceola Technical College is an institution designed to train individuals for entry-level employment, to improve current job skills for our employed students, and to provide quality academic education for our high school students. The primary goal of oTECH is to equip our clients with the best possible training in the Osceola County area. Partnerships with businesses and the community enable oTECH to prepare students for the world of work. We are here to serve our community and to deliver the best possible workforce development training. 


    Academic Success

    Talent Management

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Community Engagement


    The oTECH Way

    A commitment to quality, professionalism, and character 


    The student is the most important person on campus

    All students can achieve

    It's not about me

    Our clear purpose is a CAREER for every student

    We do what is right, not what is easy

    It's OK to disagree