For Rentals, Producers, and Event Planners

  • What days and times are the venues at OPAC available for rental?

    The Theatre and the Expo Hall are available for rental Saturdays and Sundays, all day.  Friday evenings may also be available as an additional rental to a Saturday rental, for client arrival only after 5pm.

    What are the rental rates for the venues at OPAC?

    The Theatre and the Expo Hall rental rates can be found on the Rate Sheet

    When  are my deadlines for contracting and payment?

    Your contract must be signed within 2 weeks of placing your event date on hold.

    At that time your deposit will be due. Deposit is equal to the room rental rate.

    For non-profit organizations, documentation of 501c3 status is also due at contract signing.

    At 30 days prior, the remaining balance of your estimated invoice is due, as well as your insurance documentation.

    Once the event is complete, any additional charges will be settled with a final invoice.

    What kind of insurance coverage do I need?

    All events require a $1,000,000 liability Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing the venue's owner and owner's address as the "Additional Insured" and the venue and venue address under the section titled "Description Of Operations/ Locations..." Please see our insurance information sheet for more detailed information. COI is due 30 days prior to your event.

    May I ship items for my event ahead, prior to my rental day?

    Items may not be shipped to the venue prior to the contracted rental period. All items must be removed by the client at the end of the contracted rental period. OPAC does not handle any event shipping/receiving.

    Will concessions be available for my Theatre event at the OPAC?

    Yes, OPAC will provide drink and snack concessions for concerts, plays, and most similar productions.

    Is catering available for my Exhibit Hall event?

    You are welcome to provide your own professional caterer for Expo Hall events. Catering or Restaurant license is required and must be provided to OPAC in advance.

    What is your ticket sales policy for Theatre events?

    After contracting for your Theatre event, tickets must be sold through OPAC, to ensure both quality control and proper printing to the venue's seating plan. A variety of options are available for the sale and distribution of your tickets to the public.

    May I leave my truck, semi, trailer on venue property prior to my rental day?

    Your vehicle or trailer may only be left on venue property during the contracted rental period. Vehicles may only be left overnight during a multi-day rental contract with prior, written approval of venue management and are assumed to be left at owner's risk. OPAC cannot accept responsibility for the security of vehicles, items, and equipment left overnight. Arrangements can be made for additional overnight security at cost to the contracting client.

    May I sell merchandise at my event?

    Merchandise vendors that have been pre-approved by both the client and OPAC may sell general merchandise items such as CD's, T-shirts, etc. All vendors are the responsibility of the client. Vendors may not sell food or drinks. All concessions will be handled by OPAC.

    Did this facility used to be called the Tupperware Convention Center?

    Yes. While Tupperware Home Parties continues to own and operate their world headquarters next door, the buildings that were operated as the Tupperware Convention Center were purchased by the School District of Osceola County in 2002. Since that time The Osceola Performing Arts Center has renovated and remodeled both venues and amenities and now offers a premier complex.

    What are your policies regarding Tobacco and Alcohol?

    The use of any Tobacco Product is strictly prohibited in both indoor and outdoor areas. Alcohol is strictly prohibited and may not be sold, consumed, or posessed anywhere within OPAC facilities or in its outdoor areas. OPAC provides a smoke, tobacco, and alcohol free environment for all Visitors, Staff, and Students.

    What is the process for renting a venue at OPAC?

    1) Producer reviews the policies, FAQs and other information on this website.

    2) Producer of event contacts OPAC by email, providing the following information:  Organization name, address and 501c3 status, dates requested, alternate dates requested, contact names and email address for main point of contact, and all information related to the event including type of event, name of event, approximate schedule of the event day, and technical rider.  Due to the high volume of inquiries and events, all correspondence will be via email and must be limited to one point of contact for the event.

    3) OPAC provides venue availability.

    4) Producer of event may then request an Estimate of charges based on the information provided in the initial request. 

    5) OPAC provides an Estimated Invoice of charges.

    6) Producer requests Contract.

    7) OPAC provides Contract.

    8) Client signs contract, returns original signed contract by mail, pays non-refundable, non-transferable deposit equal to the room rental portion of the Estimated invoice.  Non-profit organizations provide documentation. 

    9) Once contracted for an event at OPAC, venue-specific marketing for the event may begin. All marketing and promotion copy must be approved by OPAC prior to distribution. Please be sure to have the correct name and address: The Osceola Performing Arts Center, 3141 North Orange Blossom Trail, Kissimmee, FL 34744.

    10) 30 days prior the event, the remaining balance of the Estimated Invoice is due, as well as the $1,000,000 liability Certificate of Insurance (COI).  Please see our insurance information sheet for more detailed information. 

    11) Once the event is complete, any additional charges will be settled with a final invoice.