• Reedy Creek Elementary School PTO

    Reedy Creek's PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) provides support for special events and programs that are unable to be funded by other means. PTO also gives parents, staff, and the entire community the opportunity to work together to make Reedy Creek Elementary an exceptional school for our students.

    How can you help?

    * Become a member! It's easy! Fill out a membership form and come to our monthly meetings. When you become a member of the PTO, you not only support it, but you give of yourself and impact the school. Members have voting rights at general sessions and at the spring elections of board officers.

    *Get involved! Get OASIS approved and Volunteer at our school and PTO sponsored events. The more, the merrier! Attend PTO meetings. It's a great way to get to know your school, the staff, and the students. Individuals are the backbone of the PTO and fresh ideas and new faces are always appreciated.

    * Provide financial support! The PTO funds many programs for Reedy Creek. Funds for these programs are always tight and direct financial contributions are always appreciated.

    *Provide feedback about the PTO and the school. If there's something you'd like to say, we'd like to hear it! Comments, questions and concerns are always welcome.


    2021 - 2022 PTO Officers:

    President -       Carolyn Grzeskiewicz
    Vice President- Joanne Kuhn
    Secretary-        Laura Porter
    Treasurer -       Gina Morrison