Digital Learning

  • School is temporarily closed, but learning continues!

    Thank you for your continued support and patience during this rapidly changing time; with COVID-19, the situation has been changing day by day, hour by hour. We are committed to providing parents and students with the latest information as it unfolds during the school closure period.

    The Osceola School District has transitioned to student digital learning as of March 30. We are working to make this change as easy as possible. All resources for students and families are available through the ClassLink platform, which the students are familiar with using, on the district website at and can be accessed using any digital device (smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet).

     You can begin preparing for digital learning now. To get started with digital learning, students need:
    Digital Devices: Click here if you need access to a device for digital learning.   Internet Connection: Click here for more information from Spectrum on free WiFi.   Student I & Password: You will need to know your Student ID and password to login to ClassLink. Contact 407-870-4037 for help   ClassLink Access: Click here to log in.

    Here is more information on how to prepare for and navigate digital learning during school closures.
    Accessing The Learning Platform:
     Parents are asked to know their student’s ID number and password so they can log-in to ClassLink. If you or your student do not know their ID number, please contact our Digital Learning Hotline at 407-870-4037. 

    Teacher Digital Resources  Student Digital Resources    

     • Digital Device Needs: Should your student need access to a digital device to engage with school work, the Osceola School District has a limited number of laptops and WiFi hotspots that will be made available to loan to students. The district will continue to notify families as more district laptops become available for those who are still in need of a device to participate in digital learning.

    • For Students Without Access To A Digital Device: In the rare event that a digital device cannot be made available to families, paper packets can made generated for students in elementary and middle school. Please call your school to make arrangements for pick up in your school’s front office. Completed packets should be returned when school re-opens.

    • Special Needs Students: If you have a special needs student for whom specific challenges may arise with distance learning, please contact the Exceptional Student Education Department at 407-343-8700.

    • WiFi Access: Thanks to Spectrum, free WiFi will be provided for 60-days to students and families in their service area. To enroll, parents should call 1-844-488-8395. All installation fees will be waived for new student households. WiFi hotspots across Spectrum’s footprint will also be available for public use.

    • Student Grades: Students will continue to earn grades based on their progress in their classes. Student grades for assignments completed through digital learning and/or packets will be entered into Focus and averaged to assign the fourth quarter grade. Grades and credits will continue to count toward promotion and/or graduation.
    Student Instructional Hours: We expect students to spend between two and a half to three hours on their assignments each day, Monday through Friday, during the extended school closure. Frequent breaks, healthy activity, and healthy snacks are recommended to break up screen time. Students should complete an assignment daily for each content area or class period.