Step 1) login to classlink: https://launchpad.classlink.com/osceola

    step 2) login using this format:

    studentid#@student.osceolaschools.net   (for example 1234567@student.osceolaschools.net)

    pass@1234 (unless password has been changed)

    step 3) click teams icon

    step 4) locate class and follow your bell schedule.


    Middle school students: Please follow the bell schedule for WEDNESDAY on Wednesday, and normal schedule on Thursday and Friday

    bell schedule


    Student Resources 

    • Student Laptop Set Up - A guide to get a newly imaged SDOC student laptop signed in and setup for use. 
    • iPad Setup and Login Steps - A guide to setup and log in to a SDOC ipad for the first time. 
    • Classlink Info - Tips for Accessing ClassLink at Home and on Apple and Android Devices.
    • Teams for Students - This will show them how to connect to Teams via Classlink, find their class, and submit an assignment.
    • Teams Tips for Students - This contains a list of TIPS that we learned last school year to be more successful learning via Teams.  
    • Student YouTube Playlist: This is a link to our student focused YouTube Playlist.  It contains 11 videos that address learning via Teams or at home.



    Want TEAMS and assignments to work a little better for you? Check out these tips for your teachers and other students!


    • Make sure your work is saved before you close the tab or browser. If you are editing in Word Online, you can check this by looking up in the ribbon to make sure it says “saved”.

    • If you are working during busy hours (between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm) and run into trouble, make sure your work is “saved” and try submitting again later in the day.

    • Mondays tend to the busiest time for TEAMS. If you experience issues on a Monday, try again later or on a different day.

    • Open Office 365 in a tab before you start your work in TEAMS. This will help prevent some log on issues.

    • Don’t forget your email address ID#@student.osceolaschools.net

    • Watch for bold If a team or a channel name is bolded, it means there’s something new.

    • Make sure to check each part of your Teams for new content. Look in the channels, the posts, and the assignments for new information from your teachers.

    • If you’re turning in a late assignment, try to let your teacher know. An email or a message helps draw their attention to your work.

    • To view your teachers’ feedback on your assignments, just go back to your completed assignment and click on it again. You’ll be able to see their comments and even open the attached work.

    • Don’t understand something or have a question, make sure you message your teacher in Teams to ask. They are here to help.