Reporting of COVID Incidents

  • It is the goal of the Osceola County School District to be completely transparent in reporting COVID incidents so that all of its stakeholders feel informed about the number of positive cases in its schools.

    As part of our agreement to the Osceola community to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the district has created protocols to help school officials consistently respond to reports of exposure and confirmed positive cases by quickly isolating and quarantining students and staff when necessary as incidents arise as recommended by the CDC and the Department of Health. Contact tracing is done so that we can notify those employees and parents of children in direct contact with a confirmed positive person.  If employees or parents do not receive communication from their school’s administration, then the employee or child was not directly exposed or did not have close contact as defined by the CDC guidelines.

    Every Monday, we will post the total number of students and school personnel by school who have notified the district of positive COVID-19 test results for the week prior, as well as the number of students and school personnel who have been told to quarantine beginning that week.

Summary of Weekly Incidents