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  • KMS 1:1 Laptop Initiative

    The goal of Kissimmee Middle School’s One to One initiative is to provide all students with the digital resources and skills needed to allow for creative digital collaborations between all teachers and students while engaged in academic work.  This year, Kissimmee Middle is planning to provide all studnets with a laptop.  Laptops will be distributed in phases.  Stay tuned for more information on dates of the roll out.

    Once they have received their laptop, students will need to bring their provided laptop back to school every day, fully charged ready for class. The laptops will be filtered and monitored during school and home use. The students will also receive a laptop case.  Internet hotspots are also available.  We are limited on the number of hotspots we have.  Please indicate your need for a hotpsot on the appropriate form ASAP.  Hotspots will be provided to those who reserve theirs the earliest.  Students are expected to ensure that all devices checked out to them are stored securely in their bag to prevent devices from being damaged.


    KMS 1:1 Initiative Roll Out Plan_Parent Letter_ENG

    KMS 1:1 Initiative Roll Out Plan_Parent Letter_SPA

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    KMS_One Pager_One to One Summary_SPA

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  •  KMS 1:1 Initiative

    Device Care Tips:

    • Charge device each night with it turned off
    • Charge and store on a hard surface so it does not overheat laptop or block airflow
    • Keep laptop away from food and drinks, small children, and pets.
    • Keep protective case on laptops and handle with care.

    Student Expectations:

    • Bring laptop to school fully charged everyday
    • A case must be on the lap top at all times and have your charger with you.
    • Only the student that the device is checked out to should be using it. Do not lend it out
    • Damages must be reported immediately - even if it is accidental.
    • Lost/Stolen must be reported immediately, and a police report must be filed.
    • Laptops are monitored at all times. Only use it for school appropriate tasks.

    Trouble Shooting:

    • Restart your laptop
    • Confirm device is connected to the internet
    • Update Chrome to the latest version
    • Confirm device is not on airplane mode
    • Fill out a form with TA in the Media Center before you go to lunch

    Hotspot - Partnering with T-Mobile:

    • After data is used, the speed will slow down
    • Call Student Technical Support: Dial: 1-800-937-8997 Enter the T-Mobile phone number that is located on the label on the back of your hotspot