• Let's Get Started!

    1. Decide on an area of science.

    There are 13 Categories

    2. Narrow down this area to a specific research topic: 

    Each area has several research areas

    Due to lack of time, you cannot select any topic that would need a long time to research. No human or animal projects will be accepted this year. You do not have time to get appropriate approvals for this area.

    3. Develop your testable question.

    (Have your question(s) approved by your school sponsor.)

    4. Develop your Research Plan/Project Summary.

    (Must be completed prior to experimentation).

    The Research Plan/Project summary must include: 1) Rationale, 2) Research Question(s), Hypothesis(es), Engineering Goal(s), Expected Outcomes, 3) Describe procedures, risk and safety, and data analysis in detail, 4) Bibliography.

    5. Complete appropriate paperwork for your area of research. 

    ISEF website https://www.societyforscience.org/isef/forms/  

    SSEF website https://ssefflorida.com/rules/