• Complete the this page and turn in it in to your sponsor/teacher by January 7, 2022. You may begin your project once you have approval from your sponsor/teacher.

    • Choose an area of science for your project.

    There are 13 Categories

    • In that area, select a specific research topic.

    Each area has several research areas

      • Please avoid choosing any topic that would need a long time to research.
      • No human or animal projects will be accepted this year.

    • Develop your TESTABLE question. Have your question(s) approved by your school sponsor.

    • Develop your Research Plan/Project Summary (Must be completed prior to research). 
      • The Research Plan/Project summary must include: 
        • Rationale
        • Research Question(s)
        • Hypothesis(es)
        • Engineering Goal(s)
        • Expected Outcomes
        • Detailed descriptions of procedures, risk and safety, and data analysis
        • Bibliography

    OCSEE will follow the same procedures for completing the forms for the State and International Science Fairs. District winners will enter the State Science Fair.