• An incredibly diverse community makes up our family here at Flora Ridge Elementary. To help celebrate our different cultures, every week we encourage students and staff to learn greetings in new ways and languages. 


    Below is an updated list of greetings and their language of origin, so you can try them at home!

    Week of 10/16 - Feliz de que estés aquí (Spanish) - Happy that you are here

    Week of 10/9 - sé amable (Spanish) - Be kind

    Week of 9/18 - Tener una buena semana (Spanish) - Have a great week

    Week of 9/11 - Mucho gusto (Spanish) - Nice to meet you

    Week of 9/5 - Hujambo (Swahili) - How are you?

    Week of 8/28 - Ni hao (Mandarin) - Hello

    Week of 8/21 - Boa tarde (Portuguese) - Good afternoon

    Week of 8/14 - Bom dia (Portuguese) - Good morning