Media Center Policies

  • Media Center Materials Checkout Policies

    1. Students can check out up to 3 books at one time.
    2. Books are kept for 2 weeks and can be renewed once for an additional 2 weeks.

    Media Center Rules

    1. Quiet voices.
    2. No food, drinks, or gum allowed in the media center.
    3. Student who come to the media center during the day without their teacher must have a pass.

    Computer Rules

    There are 12 computers in the media center that can be checked out and used for school purposes only; projects, research, word processing or other class related work.  Computers may not leave the Media Center.


    Fines are not charged on overdue books; however, if a student has more than 3 overdue books, he/she will not be allowed to check out another book until the overdue books are either returned or renewed.  If a student loses or damages a book, he/she is responsible for paying for the book before another book can be checked out.


    Using the Library: What do I need to know?

    Coming to the Library

    1. Students are welcome to visit the Media Center
      1. before school (6:50 – 7:20)
      2. lunch
      3. during class, with a pass from your current class teacher.
    2. All students must sign in by scanning the QR code or signing the sheet.
    3. Students who come to the library during lunch time must stay in the library the entire lunch period.




    Checkouts, Renewals, and Overdue Books


    1. Books (fiction & non-fiction) can be checked out for 2 weeks.
    2. Reference books are to be used in the Media Center only.
    3. Materials can be renewed as many times as needed unless another student has placed a hold on the book. To renew a book please come to the library circulation desk and ask to renew the book.
    4. Three books may be checked out a time. Please be respectful of our community and check out what you can be responsible for taking care of and returning.



    1. Fines are applied to a student account for lost or damaged books.
    2. If a book is not returned or renewed 6 weeks after the initial checkout date, the book will be marked as lost and a fine will be charged to the student.
    3. Fines may prevent a student from checking out additional materials.
    4. If fines are not paid by the end of the school year or before graduation, students will be placed on the OBLIGATION LIST.



    Monday          6:50 am – 2:20 pm

    Tuesday           6:50 am – 2:20 pm

    Wednesday    6:50 am – 1:20 pm

    Thursday         6:50 am – 2:20 pm

    Friday              6:50 am – 2:20 pm