College & Career

  • At Poinciana High School we work to ensure that 100% of our students are College & Career ready. To take it a step further the PHS College & Career Program educates students about the resources available to choose the best path for post-secondary options. College & Career is a key piece to our vision.

    Vision Statement

    Poinciana High School will serve every student in an environment of college and career readiness by delivering a rigorous curriculum and promoting a culture of no excuses.

    College & Career Center

    Poinciana High School hosts a College & Career Center on campus in our Guidance Office. Students can engage in completing college applications, work on financial aid and scholarship applications, search for the right career, college, or university. The College & Career Center is also open to parents to work in collaboration with their student.

    For more information or to book an appointment contact Mrs. Cerda.

    Valencia Transition Coach

    We have a Valencia Transition Coach, who comes to Poinciana High School once a week to help students with all things related to Valencia. She would love to sit down with any students who are interested in applying for Valencia and coach them through the process. If you are interested, please book an appointment with Mrs. Burton.