Guidance Department

  • The Poinciana High School Guidance Department is where students and parents complete registration, meet with our school counselors, and receive academic advisement.

    School counselors are assigned by student last name or specialty programs.  You can see the school counselor assignments to the right. Please email your counselor using the "Email..." link below to get in touch with your counselor.

    At this time, in order to make an appointment with your counselor you will need to email them.  Counselors will schedule virtual and phone appointments depending on the reason for your request.  Make sure to include student name and ID number in your email.


    Counselor Corner Newsletter: Fall 2020 Issue

    click on the link: Counselor Corner



    Schedule Changes and Add/Drop

    The option for students to request schedule changes for the 2020-21 school year was open from August 17th - 28th.  At this time the add/drop request period is over.

    However, schedules may be moved around to balance out class sizes during the month of September and we ask that you please be patient during this difficult time as we balance and rebalance both digital and face to face classes. 


    Graduation Requirements: 


    24 credits

    2.0 GPA

    1 online class completion

    Level 3 or higher on 10th grade Reading FSA

    Level 3 or higher in Alg 1 EOC

    (or approved concordant score on SAT/ACT for Reading and Math)


    other important tests: Bio 1 EOC, US History EOC: 30% of overall grade

Department Staff

  • Felicia Jones, Guidance Secretary
    E-Mail Ms. Jones


    Summer Zevallos, School Counselor
    Student Last Names: All AVID & Ascend Students
    Email Ms. Zevallos
    School Extension 83301

    Shanel J. Morris, School Counselor
    Student Last Names: A - C
    Valencia, UCF & UF Dual Enrollment Students
    E-Mail Ms. Morris
    School Extension 83304

    Taylor Donovan, School Counselor
    Student Last Names: D - J
    E-mail Ms. Donovan
    School Extension 83306


    Brian Charnigo, School Counselor
    Student Last Names: K - N
    OTech Dual Enrollment Students
    Email Mr. Charnigo
    School Extension 


    Denise Gettel-Capone, School Counselor
    Student Last Names: O - Rod
    11th Grade Eagle Academy Students
    Email Ms. Capone
    School Extension 83305


    Dana High, School Counselor
    Student Last Names: Roj - Z
    E-Mail Ms. High
    School Extension 83302


    Erica Walters, Assistant Principal of Instruction


    School Extension: 83103