Kowboy Intervention Program

    This program is to provide academic help for students who have been quarantined, students who may be struggling academically, or who need enrichment and test preparation.

    October 18, 2021 - December 17, 2021

    Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

    Academic Support (2:30-3:30PM): Media Center

    This is for students who may be struggling in a core content area (ELA, Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading), need enrichment, or test preparation. 

    There will be no transportation after school. Students who attend this support MUST have their own ride home! 

    Quarantine and Academic Support (3:30-4:30PM):  KIP Team (by subject area)

    This is for students who are currently missing school due to quarantine or who need extra academic support. It will provide students with additional support beyond classwork/homework on Teams and watching the lesson live when the classroom teacher agrees. 


    To access these supports, please use either the code or the link below. 


    KIP Teams Codes 


    QR Code 




    KIP: ELA Quarantine and Acceleration Support  


    KIP ELA Team

    KIP ELA Team QR Code

    KIP: Math Quarantine and Acceleration Support 


    KIP Math Team

    KIP Math Team QR Code

    KIP: Science Quarantine and Acceleration Support 


    KIP Science Team

    KIP Science Team QR Code

    KIP: Social Studies Quarantine and Acceleration Support 


    KIP Social Studies Team

    KIP Social Studies QR Code

    KIP: Reading Quarantine and Acceleration Support  


    KIP Reading Team

    KIP Reading QR Code

    KIP: VE Quarantine and Acceleration Support  


    KIP VE Team

    KIP VE Team QR Code


    To use the code:  

    1. Go to Classlink Dashboard.  
    1. Find Microsoft Teams app.  
    1. Click “Join or Create Team”   
    1. In the box provided, add the Team code you have been provided.  

    Note: You may be automatically added by a teacher or administrator.