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Important Announcement for CLHS 2020

Dear Students and Parents of the CHS Class of 2020,

 With the unfortunate cancellation of our traditional graduation ceremony, we would still like to honor the hard work of our graduates. We are inviting the Class of 2020 to walk across the stage at Celebration High School. Seniors should wear their cap and gown when they arrive at CHS during their assigned time and may bring up to four guests with them. The senior will receive their diploma, diploma cover, medallion, graduation program, and stoles and cords that they have earned (CTE, AP Scholar, Top 10% Scholar, Valedictorian, Salutatorian and department awards). Graduates will enter first, then call their family when it is time to walk across the stage. Each graduate’s name will be read as they walk across the stage and take a picture with Mr. Gilbert. Due to limitations, parents will take the graduation photo of their graduate. Physical distancing will be respected and the everyone must all wear masks the entire time they are on campus. In order to participate, all technology and items that belong to the school must be turned in ahead of time. We look forward to recognizing our well-deserving graduates on our own campus this year.

July 9th                 3 pm – 4:30 pm           Top 10% (If scholars cannot attend at this time, they may come on July 10th during their assigned time)

July 10th               8 am – 9 am                      Last names A & B (67)

July 10th               9 am – 10 am                    Last names C & D (61)

July 10th               10 am – 11 am                   Last names E, F & G (68)

July 10th               11 am – 12 pm                  Last names H – K (66)

July 10th               12 pm – 1 pm                    Last names L & M (80)

July 10th               1 pm – 2 pm                       Last names N – Q (61)

July 10th               2 pm – 3 pm                      Last names R (48)

July 10th               3 pm – 4 pm                      Last names S (45)

July 10th               4 pm – 5 pm                      Last names T – Z (65)