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In response to this pandemic and the cancellation of graduation ceremonies at Osceola Heritage Park, Harmony High School will host a Commencement Ceremony at school to honor and recognize the Class of 2020. As we prepare to celebrate our graduating seniors, please follow the guidelines and expectations listed below to ensure the safety of everyone.

1. Graduation will take place on Wednesday, July 8th beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m. Students will be assigned to a graduation time slot with a 45-minute check-in before their ceremony begins. Students see schedule below for arrival and walk times.

2. We are doing (60) minute increments with 50 graduates per hour.

3. STATION #1 - Students and (4) family members will check in at the front gate, park, and then report to the gym 45-minutes before their scheduled ceremony. Each guest (only 4) will receive a ticket at the gym doors. There will be five lines with areas marked to ensure social distancing. Students will check in, receive a packet with the following items…

a. Diploma Cover 
b. Diploma
c. Medallion
d. Honor Cord (if eligible)

4. STATION #2 - Student and Family proceed to Guidance and Auditorium hallway. Students and family members will line up standing on marked areas to ensure social distancing.

5. STATION #3 - Student and Family will enter the Auditorium when called (Pomp and Circumstance will be playing on a continuous loop). Graduating student will walk onto the stage with diploma cover for a professional picture taken with the principal. Photographer will be 10 feet from stage when taking pictures and family will be 30 feet away from stage.

 HHS 2020 Graduation Guidelines

  As we prepare to celebrate our graduating seniors, we need every person involved and attending the graduations to be aware of our social distancing guidelines and expectations to ensure the safety of everyone.

Each student receives FOUR (4) guest’s tickets as they enter the gym and all guests will be present with the graduate when entering the gym.

· Due to CDC Guidelines, EVERY guest requires a ticket including children/babies.

· All graduates and guests MUST wear a mask.

· All graduate’s guests and school personnel attending the ceremonies will be REQUIRED to wear a mask.

· All students will be provided a mask upon arrival at the gymnasium check-in. NO MASK MEANS, NO ADMITTANCE! Students may remove their mask as they come onto the stage and get their picture taken.

· NO signs, balloons, flowers, noisemakers, or any other items that are distractions will be permitted and must be left in vehicles.

· NO bags/purses/backpacks will be permitted unless they are clear.

· After each student’s ceremony, guests and graduates are asked to exit the auditorium immediately.

· NO ONE will be allowed back into the school, gym or auditorium after the ceremony.

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