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Osceola County School Board and Superintendent Honor District and School Partners of the Year

Recognizing that a supportive and involved community builds a strong public school system that is essential to the prosperity of our community, Osceola County School Board Members and Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace today recognized their District Partners of the Year and 51 School Partners of the Year.  The awards recognize the valuable contributions being made by businesses and community organizations through the district’s Partners in Education program and increases awareness of the importance of business and civic involvement in public education. 

District Partner of the Year - Vianca McCluskey, Administrator of the Florida Department of Health for Osceola County

Faced with the challenge of educating students in the era of COVID-19, the leadership of the Osceola School District had more questions than answers. After the sudden closure of schools in March 2020 to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Superintendent Pace and the School Board needed to devise a plan that would help students return to learning in the new school year. The safety of students, staff, and the community was on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Vianca McCluskey, Administrator of the Florida Department of Health for Osceola County, provided weekly updates on positivity rates in Osceola County, guidance on the CDC’s safety protocols, and recommendations for COVID-19 contact tracing, testing, and reporting for students and staff. She was an integral part of Osceola School District’s “Ready. Set. Start Smart!” plan for reopening schools in August. Because of her partnership, the learning never stopped in the Osceola School District.

District Partners of the Year - Dr. Kenneth Alexander and Dr. Adriana Cadilla, Infectious Disease Specialists with Nemours Children’s Hospital

Dr. Kenneth Alexander and Dr. Adriana Cadilla, Infectious Disease Specialists with Nemours Children’s Hospital, have been a boundless source of information as the Osceola School District has moved through uncharted territory with COVID. Both doctors have met frequently with Superintendent Pace, School Board members, and other district leaders to educate them on the latest scientific research and data surrounding children and the spread of the coronavirus. They also devoted time to sit on the district's Back-to-School Task Force to lend their expertise as the district was developing clear, workable strategies for reopening our schools safely in August. Their involvement instilled confidence in the district with our families and the community and ensured that the learning never stopped in the Osceola School District.

"The involvement and support of our Partners in Education allow our school district to provide a world-class education to students, as well as enhance their academic success," said Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace.  "The businesses and organizations recognized today serve as a model for how the community and a school system can form strategic partnerships that work in support of students and schools as we become stronger together."

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