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¿Qué es Juntos 4-H?


Juntos 4‑H is a program that helps Latino youth (grades 8 – 12) and their families gain the knowledge and skills they need to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. The program was first developed by North Carolina State University in 2007 as the Juntos program, and became Juntos 4‑H in 2015 when the university developed a partnership with National 4‑H Council with financial support from New York Life Foundation. This assisted the program to grow in both size and sustainability.

About Juntos 4‑H

Juntos 4‑H, which translates to “together,” provides students and families with:

  • Family engagement: high school and middle school workshops, family nights and events
  • Juntos 4‑H Clubs: focused on academics, tutoring, life-skill activities, and community service
  • Juntos One-On-One Success Coaching/Mentoring: adults help youth achieve their goals
  • Summer Programs: Summer Academy, local 4‑H summer programs and other local events.
    Programs are available to English and Spanish-speaking students and their families in numerous communities across the US.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Juntos 4‑H has three goals:

  • See more Latino youth benefit from 4‑H programming
  • Build relationships with Latino communities so they benefit and become involved in 4‑H and other Extension programming
  • Empower Latino families with the resources needed to achieve their educational goals for their youth.

As a result of participating in Juntos 4‑H, students report a greater sense of belonging and confidence in their futures:

  • 87% of participants feel like they now belong in school
  • 93% of students feel that Juntos helped them belong at school
  • 91% of youth improved their grades in school
  • 92% of students feel confident that they will graduate from high school.
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¿Qué es Juntos 4-H?