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Osceola County School Board Offers $9.5 Million In Salaries and Benefits To Teachers


The Osceola County School Board recognizes the talent and hard work of educators and values the critical role teachers play in ensuring educational excellence for every child. Therefore, the School Board made an offer on July 16 in negotiations with the Osceola County Education Association to provide the district's instructional personnel an increase in salaries valued at $9.5 million.  Despite very limited resources, the district's offer recognizes teachers for their commitment and time given to support our students and schools.

Working within the mandates of HB 641, HB 5001, and the limits of the Florida Legislature’s allocation for Osceola County, the district will ensure all classroom teachers as defined in the statute earn the minimum base salary of $46,100. This would be retroactive back to July 1, 2020. HB 5001 specifically states that 80% of the district's allocation be used for this purpose. The remaining 20% of the district's teacher salary allocation will allow the Board to provide a $900 raise for eligible full-time instructional personnel.

The School Board and Superintendent look forward to continuing bargaining efforts and hope to reach agreement soon in order to get these dollars into the hands of our dedicated teachers.