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Osceola County School Board Amends Offer to $1.4 Million in Salary Increases for Education Staff Professionals (ESP) Employees

The Osceola County School Board recognizes the talent and hard work of educators and values the critical role Education Staff Professionals (ESP) employees play in ensuring educational excellence for every child. Therefore, the School Board made an offer on January 21, 2021, in negotiations with the Osceola County Education Association (OCEA) to provide the district's Education Staff Professionals covered under the OCEA contract an increase in salaries valued at $1.4 million.

Working within budgetary constraints of uncertain economic conditions during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the School Board offered the following:

· One-time, non-recurring supplement equal to three percent of the employee’s annual base salary; and

· Two additional paid non-work days for twelve-month employees (Rodeo Day and one additional day during Spring Break) in appreciation for the diligence of our twelve-month employees who have worked throughout the pandemic, including during the spring school closure period.

At this time, OCEA's bargaining team has not reached agreement with the district.  The Osceola County School Board will continue to bargain in good faith with OCEA in the hopes of getting increased salaries into the hands and pockets of our Education Staff Professionals and their dedicated families as soon as possible in recognition of their commitment and time given to support our students and schools.