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Rick Tribit From Celebration High School Named Athletic Director Of The Year

Rick Tribit wears a lot of hats as Celebration High School's Athletic Director.

"Basically, I oversee and manage the 30 varsity athletic sports we have here at Celebration High School," said Coach Tribit.

You could call him a coach of coaches, who still finds plenty of ways to connect with his student athletes.

"Being down on the sidelines and congratulating those kids when they have milestone moments, that kind of gives me that connection that I had every day as a coach," said Coach Tribit.

Celebrating the successes of individual players, coaches, and teams is the most special part of his job.

"If it wasn’t for my football, baseball and wrestling coaches, and a couple of teachers that I had that cared and knew my situation, without all those people I wouldn’t be where I am today. That’s my payback. I’m trying to have these kids see that there is a future beyond what they currently see."

Coach Tribit credits those individuals for helping him continue his education at UCF on a wrestling scholarship.

"Athletic programs are the most cost-effective dropout prevention programs ever invented. Without athletics, they'd have no reason to come to school. The worst day of my entire career in 33 years was having to tell our senior spring athletes that they weren’t going to have a season and for a lot of those kids that was an opportunity to get scholarships."

This year, Coach Tribit had to train his coaches on several new protocols, including disinfecting equipment and conducting socially distant practices when possible.

"Our coaches were guinea pigs this year. They had criteria thrust upon them that no one could ever imagine happening and we performed very well in the fall."

The Storm brought home five district championships this school year and was the runner up in six other sports. The school also celebrated Coach Tribit for being named the athletic director of the year.

"To have my peers recognize me for that was meaningful," said Coach Tribit.

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