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Harmony Middle School Brings Home 10 District Championships During The 2020-2021 School Year

The Harmony Wranglers had a successful year when it comes to athletics.
"It feels good to know that we are one of the best schools overall in Osceola county because it’s not just one person, it’s everyone," said Landon.
Out of 16 teams, Landon and his fellow student athletes brought home 10 district championships.  Three teams finished second overall in their district.
"Every single one of our sports went to the playoffs," said Nurse Katie, Harmony Middle School's Assistant Athletic Director.  "They truly put in effort that I’ve never seen before." 
Landon was busy with sports all year long.
"I played cross country, and then I went into volleyball where I played middle blocker.  For flag football, I played wide receiver and corner and then in track I ran the 100, 200, and threw shot put and discus," said Landon.
The coaches at Harmony Middle School encourage their athletes to be active in multiple sports.  Just look at Kiki, who up until he became an eighth grader this past academic year, didn't play anything other than soccer.
"Everyone said I was fast," said Kiki.  "You know in basketball you need to be fast, same in football so let me just play."
He trusted his coaches' instincts and ventured out by trying new sports.
"At first everyone was like here and I was here," said Kiki.  "I was like a baby to them, and then I just started working hard at home and practice and I caught up."
These eighth graders are departing middle school with a sense of pride, plenty of friends, and even better memories.
"To be with a bunch of girls that tried and pushed their hardest to make something like this happen is really inspiring," said Vanessa, who played basketball, soccer, cross country, and flag football.