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Osceola County School Board Reaches Tentative Agreement with Osceola County Education Association on $1.5 Million for Compensation Increases for Education Staff Professionals (ESP) Employees

Through continuing negotiations, the Osceola County School Board and the Osceola County Education Association have reached tentative agreement on $1.5 million for compensation increases for Education Staff Professionals (ESP) employees for the 2020-2021 school year.  


The Osceola County School Board recognizes the talent and hard work of educators and values the critical role Education Staff Professionals (ESP) employees play in ensuring educational excellence for every child. Since COVID-19 first began to impact teaching and learning across the state last spring, our dedicated employees have risen to the occasion to connect with students and take the necessary steps to adapt instruction to ensure learning never stopped in the Osceola School District.  


Working within budgetary constraints of uncertain economic conditions during the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic, both parties agreed to the following terms:

  • One-time, non-recurring supplement equal to $765.00 per ESP bargaining unit employee;  and
  • Two (2) additional paid non-work days for twelve (12) month employees (Rodeo Day and one additional day during Spring Break) in appreciation for the diligence of our twelve (12) month employees who have worked throughout the pandemic, including during the spring school closure period; 


The tentative agreement will now go to OCEA members for ratification and then to the School Board for approval.    


“I speak on behalf of our dedicated School Board members when I say that we all are excited and anxious to see these dollars reach the hands and homes of our dedicated Education Staff Professionals (ESP) employees prior to Spring Break,” said School Superintendent, Dr. Debra Pace.  “We appreciate the collaborative relationship we have with the Osceola County Educators Association to honor and support the amazing work of our dedicated employees.”