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Updates on Digital Learning at PHS


Use this link for help with all things digital.  Digital Learning Resource   

For digital distance learners through PHS, you can access ClassLink through our website.  Microsoft Teams will be used for most of your courses and that can be accessed through the Office 365 icon on ClassLink.  Teachers will be using Remind as well to communicate with students. Canvas may be used by some subject teachers instead of Teams.  Use this link for all of your questions regarding digital learning.  Digital Learning Help

Here is the link Back to School Packet for the important back to school forms to be completed and returned either in person or to the email Front Office email

Many CTE teachers are using Canvas instead of teams.  Follow these instructions for logging into Canvas.



is your student email address,

Example Username: or

is flyyyymmdd

(first initial+last initial+four digit year+two digit month+two digit day)

Example Password:
John Smith with a birthdate of 01/03/2012 would be js20120103

Note the first and last initials are lowercase.

Our hours for providing tech support to digital learners at home are 11-1PM each day.  You may come to the school during that time with your device for support.

Office 365      Teams canvas online classroom