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Osceola County School Board Approves Back-To-School Plan For Reopening


On June 30, the Osceola County School Board approved the Superintendent's plan for school reopening on August 10, 2020.  Across all schools, the safety of both students and staff, learning acceleration including closing achievement gaps, and equity continue to be top priorities.  Parents will be allowed to choose their preference for their children from three options:

1. Face-to-face instruction at schools with comprehensive health and safety precautions in place;
2. Digital learning with their assigned school following a traditional school day schedule for instruction; or
3.Virtual learning for students in Grades K-12 with Osceola Virtual School, which allows learning during non-traditional school hours.

Parents and students are encouraged to visit the district's Ready. Set. Start SMART! webpage at to learn more about each option and what health and safety procedures will be in place for face-to-face learning.  Parents are required to visit the website by July 15 to select which school option they select for each of their children for the start of school.  If face-to-face instruction at school is selected, parents of students who are eligible for transportation will also register their child for a seat on a school bus at that time.  Parents wanting to enroll their student(s) in Osceola Virtual School should call 407-870-1445 to begin the registration process.

Osceola's Back-To-School plan was created with input from medical professionals, including infectious disease physicians from Nemours Children’s Hospital and guidance from the Osceola County Health Department, and a Back-to-School Task Force made up of parents, teachers, school and district administrators, and members of the union.

"The keys to our success will be our flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and in providing parents the opportunity to choose how instruction will be delivered to their child," said Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace.  "We have put comprehensive plans in place to keep our students and staff safe and healthy as we welcome our students and teachers back to school and back to learning on Monday, August 10, as we are committed to providing every child, every chance, every day."