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Dr. Janet Bisogno Named Osceola School District’s 2019 Teacher of the Year


In recognition of her accomplishments as an outstanding educator and for her passion and devotion which challenge students toward success, Dr. Janet Bisogno, IB Biology Teacher at Celebration High School, has been named as Osceola School District’s 2019 Teacher of the Year. As one of Osceola’s most dynamic and well-respected teachers, she motivates and inspires students and fellow teachers through her effective teaching and communication skills, tremendous work ethic, and willingness to selflessly help others.

Dr. Bisogno is an exceptional teacher who applies her graduate work in science inquiry to all levels of students. She gives them tremendous opportunities to participate in science as an immersed experience, including fun but challenging labs and learning opportunities. In both 2016 and 2017, her students scored higher than the world average on IB Biology exams. Her students have had a 100% pass rate on the EOC since she began teaching PreIB Biology. In addition, her leadership in her Science Professional Learning Community has been instrumental in moving all students forward. She consistently analyzes what could improve students’ success, and she purposefully reflects on student data, including IB test scores, to make changes that will impact students’ growth. Mrs. Bisogno is always searching for new strategies and methods to improve her craft. She consistently reflects on her own pedagogy, the department’s needs, and the needs of the entire school.

While Dr. Bisogno has an extremely rigorous course load, she is able to create strong and positive relationships with her students, which contribute to a very successful classroom environment. Dr. Bisogno has taken students on various field trips and travelled as far away as Peru to allow young science minds the experience of completing work for an academic field study on the Amazon. She has volunteered on numerous committees, and is a very active and engaged member of the school’s department chair committee, which works towards school-wide improvement. As a former RN, she is also more than willing to step in when the school’s nurse is not on campus; Dr. Bisogno has assisted administration with a number of medical emergencies.

“Dr. Bisogno is a phenomenal teacher and a dedicated instructional leader,” said Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace. “She has the experience and accomplishments both as a model teacher and an instructional leader befitting for Osceola School District’s Teacher of the Year.” Dr. Bisogno will now represent Osceola County at the state level in the Florida Department of Education/Macy’s 2019 Teacher of the Year judging.