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Red Carpets Roll Out in Osceola School District

The Osceola School District recognizes that quality customer service is key to promoting a culture that recognizes education as a positive force in the community and beyond. Customer service and student achievement go hand-in-hand. When parents, students, and staff feel valued, educational engagement ticks higher—and that leads to better results. High-quality customer service can mean the difference between retaining or losing students. It’s a way for school districts to distinguish themselves in an increasingly crowded market. For this reason, the Community Relations Department developed a new district-wide Customer Service training for all of our school and department employees. The goal is for employees to set the right tone and lead by example to create a culture of great customer service in our school district.

Across the county, our schools and departments have embraced the new training and resources provided to them. The Customer Service Standards and Guidelines include the following:

• Courtesy and Respect
• Communication
• Responsiveness
• Environment

We are excited to announce the first round of Red Carpet recipients in the Osceola School District. These schools and departments worked diligently through the 2017-2018 school year to prove they have customer service as a top priority day in and day out. 


• Charter and Choice
• Community Relations
• Custodial
• Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary, Middle, High, and Teaching and Learning
• Facilities
• Human Resources
• Information and Tech Services
• Information Services
• Maintenance
• Media and Instructional Technology
• Multicultural
• Professional Development
• Records
• Research and Evaluation
• Safety and Security
• School Nutrition Services
• Special Programs
• Student Services
• Tech Services


• Central Avenue Elementary
• Deerwood Elementary
• Denn John Middle
• Discovery Intermediate
• East Lake Elementary
• Gateway High 
• Harmony Community
• Harmony High
• Kissimmee Elementary
• Kissimmee Middle
• Lakeview Elementary
• Liberty High
• Koa Elementary
• Michigan Avenue Elementary
• Mill Creek Elementary
• Narcoossee Elementary
• Narcoossee Middle
• Neptune Middle
• New Beginnings
• Osceola County School for the Arts
• Parkway Middle
• Partin Settlement Elementary
• Pleasant Hill Elementary
• Professional and Technical High
• Reedy Creek Elementary
• St. Cloud Elementary
• St. Cloud High
• Thacker Avenue Elementary
• Ventura Elementary
• Westside K-8