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Second Grade Student Launches Shoe Drive At Narcoossee Elementary

As a Leader in Me school, Narcoossee Elementary asks students to find their voice and demonstrate their leadership abilities. Second Grader, Anaya Dailey, is doing just that and is setting a positive example in her school and community. Anaya saw a need last year and decided she had to do something about it. It all started when she noticed that her friend needed a new pair of shoes, but his family wasn’t able to afford them. She talked to her dad about her friend and they bought him a new pair of shoes. That all sparked the idea of helping more people and creating a shoe drive called Anaya’s Shoebox.

The word spread about this great cause and people from all over began donating shoes and gift cards to buy shoes. Anaya has collected about five times as many shoes as pictured here with the hopes of collecting even more. She is donating the shoes to her school to help those students and families in need so they can have new shoes to start the 2018-2019 school year, but she doesn’t want to stop there. She knows that this program has the potential to impact students across all of Osceola County and beyond.

Narcoossee Elementary is helping to be the catalyst to this effort and will be reaching out to other schools as the program grows. The hope is to meet the needs of not only one school, but the entire community. Please help Anaya and the school sustain and grow this cause by donating new shoes or gift cards to help families in need throughout the year. Shoes and gift cards may be dropped off at:

Narcoossee Elementary School
2690 N. Narcoossee Road
St. Cloud, Florida 34771