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The Ron Clark Academy Inspires Our Teachers

"Children get excited and enthusiastic about learning when they are confident, see they can be successful, are having fun, and are praised." - Ron Clark

A teacher from Harmony Community School shared this 'Share Your Great'-worthy story with us:

"I recently attended a two-day professional development training at the Ron Clark Academy. While there they reminded me that I can bring "magic" into my classroom.

"I was teaching bar graphs, plot lines, and picture graphs and thought of an idea... what if I transformed by classroom into a construction zone? Here, the students would become construction workers while working on rigorous math lessons in graphing.

"Construction graphs, needless to say, made student engagement better than I could have asked for.

"After the success of that lesson, I decided my next lesson would transform my classroom into "Fear Factor", where awesome math and science lessons would be themed to better engage my students again.

"Going from good to great takes time and hard work, but seeing the children excited to come into my classroom makes it all worth it.

"I'd like to thank the Ron Clark Academy and their staff, especially an old friend from the Osceola School District, Carrie Wallace, for how much those two days changed my life and the coming year(s) for my students."
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