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District's Longest Serving Teacher

Rebecca Hulon is the School District's Longest Serving Teacher with 41 Years of Service.

Rebecca Hulon has been a teacher within the Osceola County School District for 41 years. She started her teaching career in elementary education at Highlands Elementary before moving to Reedy Creek and lastly Boggy Creek.

"I was in elementary education for 30 years, and I thought it’s time for a change," said Mrs. Hulon. "It was difficult for me to leave."

When she was searching for that change, she stumbled upon an opening for a night teacher at the Adult Learning Center of Osceola, or ALCO. She worked closely with English as a Second Language (ESOL) students. Her goal was to help them improve their ability to read and write in the English language, so they could pass their GED.

"At ALCO, it’s all levels. I have students who come in at low levels, so it’s from grade 2 all the way up to grade 8. So, I had to really figure out how to help these students on their level."

Francisco Rivera has been in Mrs. Hulon's class for almost a year now. At the start of the class, he had never read a book in English. Thanks to Mrs. Hulon, he's now read several books and feels more confident reading and writing in English.

"Mrs. Hulon is one of the great teachers I’ve had so far. She has patience, and she is directly to the point."

Mrs. Hulon's favorite part of her job is attending graduation to celebrate the successes of her students.

"I just love watching them go across that stage," said Mrs. Hulon. "They are just so happy. You know what they’ve been through because you get to know these students, these mothers and these people who are working and trying to go to school and just juggle all these things as an adult."

May's graduation will be her last as she prepares for retirement. However, the impacts she's had on her students will last a lifetime.

I will miss her when she’s leaving in two months that’s one of the teachers that pour their heart in us," said Francisco.

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