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Harmony High School's Four-Year Veterinary Program Looks To Open Low-Cost Clinic

Harmony High School houses a four-year veterinary program.

"I’ve always had a passion for animals and for science," said Christian, a senior at Harmony High School. "When I heard about the program here, I think it just really clicked that this is meant for what I want to do."

Every Friday, the class gets hands on experience handling and training dogs with the help of Wallce K9 Training. It's the knowledge that Christian has learned throughout his four years as well as the hands-on experience he's received through an internship at an animal clinic in Alabama that gives him a leg up in chasing his dream.

"I would love to have my own clinic," said Christian.

By the end of May, the senior vet students won't just be graduates of the class, they will have also completed the requirements for becoming a Certified Veterinary Assistant. To obtain their CVA, the students must complete the four-year curriculum, put in 500 hours in volunteer hours or through an internship, and pass a 100-question exam.

"250 of those hours at a minimum have be working on a clinical setting with live animals under the supervisor of a vet," said Melissa Allen, the Veterinary Assisting Instructor.

One of her goals for the program is to make it easier for her students to get hands-on experience while providing low-cost services to the community.

"A lot of animals are relinquished every year to animal services because a lot of people can’t afford the cost of veterinary care."

This summer, Ms. Allen's classroom will undergo a renovation to potentially add in an X-ray room and other space that Snip-It clinic can operate out of with the students help.

"A lot of what Snip-It does is spay and neuters, but we are also looking at trying to put in an X-ray room," said Ms. Allen.

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