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The School District's Environmental Center is Now Open to Families on Weekends

The School District of Osceola County owns 19-acres of swampland along South Poinciana Blvd. It's one of the county's hidden gems, and every year fifth grade classes flock to the Environmental Center to experience the natural flora and fawna that inhabit the Reedy Creek area.

"We bring them out here for a Swamp walk where they are going to be the researchers and they will work together to look for signs of animals," said Jarin Trombley, environmental resource specialist.

However, this year has been a little bit different. To continue educating our students about ecosystems and animal adaptations, Mr. Trombley has been visiting the schools with taxidermy animals and virtual field trips.

"It is important for students to be able to understand connections to their local environment and to understand their surroundings and the importance of protecting their environments."

Mr. Trombley hopes to welcome classes back to the environmental center in the fall; however, students can visit the Environmental Center with their families on the weekend.

"We are inviting you to come take a walk on the boardwalk and check out the Reedy Creek."

The center is open from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and from 10am until 2pm on Sundays.

There's lots to see from animals to pieces of Osceola County history.

"Students have seen otters, snakes, all kinds of birds, turkeys, and even one day I was here a bobcat was wandering around on the boardwalk."

If you plan on stopping by one weekend, make sure you bring your camera.

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