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Lakeview Elementary School Enhances Student Learning with Multiple School Gardens

Lakeview Elementary students have developed a green thumb.

"Plants are hard to do," said Simon, a first grader at Lakeview. "But you can make a great place to the earth."

Simon's first grade class has planted a garden, which is full of delicious fruits and vegetables. 

"The zucchini, the tomatoes, the lavender, basil, and under there is the watermelon," said Emma, another first grader at Lakeview.

The garden has allowed Emma and Simon to learn hands-on.  Food chains and the importance of being environmentally friendly are a few of the lessons they have retained while working in the garden.  

"Plants can help clean the air," said Emma.

This isn't the only garden you will find around the school.  The third graders and the fifth graders have planted their own butterfly gardens. 

"It’s been a lot of fun watering the plants, planting them, coming out here every day to check on the plants, and seeing the environment," said Hayze, a fifth grader.

All the added greenery is part of Principal Dr. Cleveland's vision to beautify Lakeview Elementary School. However, none of this would've been possible without the help of Eagle Scout Michal from Harmony High School.  He cleaned up the garden so Hayze and his classmates could replant it. 

"I’ve been planting the milkweed plants and the lavender plants," said Brody, a fifth grader.

After the fifth graders completed the groundwork, Butterfly Dan's donated a dozen butterflies.  Those butterflies are currently enjoying the beautiful work of Lakeview's very own students.