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NeoCity Academy Students Show Off Their Year-long Academic Journey

At the end of every school year, the students at NeoCity Academy must complete a Presentation of Learning. The students do not receive a grade for their presentation. It's simply an open space for sharing the highlights of their classes and personal projects with their parents, teachers, and community members.

"It’s an opportunity for them to talk about learning that has been personal to them," said Principal Michael Meechin. "We ask them to choose you know five things from the school year that have really had an impact on their work here."

Christopher took advantage of that time to show off the plot of 'Spirit Dragon,' a 60-chapter book he hopes to finish before graduating in 2022.

"It's an idea I've had since middle school of like this world and characters I wanted to make," said Christopher.

After completing his book, he hopes to continue the story by designing a 'Spirit Dragon' video game.

"I decided I needed to start pursuing something in game design earlier than waiting for college," said Christopher. "I didn’t know coding yet, so I decided the best outlet was to try and learn pixel art."

He's been practicing pixel art in his free time for the last three months. He complied all his designs into his Presentation of Learning to show his parents.

"The pixel art was pretty interesting," said Glenn, Chrsitopher's Dad. "I thought that was cool since I also have an electronics background."

Another benefit of these presentations is that it gives the teachers and staff an insight into their student's passions so they can provide students like Christopher with resources and support to continue chasing their dreams.

"We think it’s really important for kids to intentionally talk about learning, we think that that comes along with their ability to learn from their mistakes and errors," said Principal Meechin. "A lot of students, if they don’t reflect on that then they don’t really have a realization on how hard they’ve worked in demonstrating an outcome."

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