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Tohopekaliga High School Student Adds a Splash of Color to the Halls of East Lake Elementary School

A splash of color goes a long way. 
"I think the kids need to be proud of the school they go to," said Will Hennessy, principal of East Lake Elementary School.
Principal Hennessy has converted the walls of East Lake Elementary School into a blank canvas for Tohopekaliga High School's Digital Design and Arts students. 
"Miss Mohess told all the students to do something for this school [East Lake] using inspirational people," said Salma, a rising Tohopekaliga senior.  "I thought Martin Luther King Jr. would be perfect because of his history and everything."
While this mural is sure to inspire East Lake Elementary students for generations to come, it's also inspiring the artist herself.
"I’m from Dominican Republic, and all my dreams are coming true," said Salma. "Design isn't a career there; you can’t make money for this, so it’s impressive to have this opportunity." 
The Martin Luther King Jr. mural, which is now proudly displayed in the East Lake Elementary stairwell, was also included in Salma's five-piece portfolio for the Adobe Certified Associate US National Championships.  Salma placed within the Top 10, earning her a $100 scholarship and a tablet.
"All the things you can think, it’s going to happen. I didn’t know I’d be in the top 10 on anything because the US is huge," said Salma. 
Salma is entering her third year in Miss Mohess' class.  With some exciting things in store for the digital design program, it's going to be a year to remember.

"What we’re trying to really do is merge the programs together, so basically with graphic design and art you have the creative process," said Jenny Mohess. "How do we do that, integrate the students, and show them the bigger picture?"  
Not only will Salma gain college credit through the class, but she will also have the chance to gain real experience when Tohopekaliga High School opens its own design agency this August.
"We will be hiring students in my level 4 class to run the agency.  We get to see how they would actually run a business which is what Salma wants to do," said Ms. Mohess.
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