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What Will It Be Used For?

Osceola School District:

  • Safety & Security: Ensure safe and secure entry points on all campuses.
  • School Facilities: Enhance fine arts/performing facilities to further develop talented students and improve athletic amenities for student athletes at elementary, middle, and high schools.
  • Transportation: Continued improvements to Transportation facilities that will reduce traffic congestion across the county and improve operational efficiency in busing students for families and start pilot project for electric buses. 

City of Kissimmee

  • Public Safety & Services: Expand coverage for citizens with new Fire Station #15, a new fire engine #15 and Rescue #16 and replacements of four rescues/ambulances.
  • Community Enhancements: Citywide traffic calming and pedestrian improvements, crosswalk/sidewalk upgrades for disabled accessibility, and replacement park pavilions and breakwater at Lakefront Park Marina.
  • Major Projects: New bike trails, new ball field lighting, new recreational center in Lakeside, a new 150-acre Lancaster Ranch regional park, and replacement of the Berlinsky Community House and Performing Arts Center.

City of St. Cloud

  • Fire-Rescue: Construction of Fire Station #32, Replacement Fire Engine #33, Replacement Rescue Vehicle #37.
  • Parks and Recreation: Shuffleboard ADA and Restroom improvements, Skatepark replacement/upgrades, Community Center upgrades, Civic Center ball field improvements, Extreme Sports Complex, Centennial Park Enhancements.
  • Police Department: New First Response emergency vehicles, new police headquarters building, and portable mobile radios.

Osceola County

  • Transportation: Fund road widening, intersection improvements, and pedestrian safety projects to help with traffic congestion.
  • Public Safety: Build and improve fire stations, add Sheriff vehicles for expanded coverage, and build a Sheriff's West 192 Command Center to keep our community safe.
  • Parks: Acquire new park property, develop new parks, and ensure improvements to existing parks for all residents.