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Narcoossee Elementary School Collects Band-aids for Encology Patients

The students and teachers at Narcoossee Elementary School are always looking out for their community.

"My neighbor came up with the idea in our community to collect these fun Band-Aids and craft activities for Rosie and the other oncology patients," said third grade teacher Ms. Rebecca Hendricks.

Ms. Hendricks introduced the idea to her third-grade class as a potential community service project.

"I thought what a great idea for our school being a leader in me school. We called it kids helping kids."

All of her students were eager to help.

"We started making posters, hanging them up, I was telling my neighbors, parents, friends to start donating the Band-Aids or crafts," said Hudson, a third-grade student.

In less than a month, Ms. Hendricks' class learned the importance of one particular habit.

"Habit six: synergize is to work together," said Hudson.

Their teamwork allowed them to collect five thousand Band-Aids, fulfilling a birthday wish for Rosie. Rosie is a six-year-old student at East Lake Elementary who is fighting stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

"In October of 2018 she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, that's a solid tumor cancer and she’s been in treatment for that for 2.5 years," said Rosie's mom, Nicole Ramierz. "The last time she was admitted to Arnold Palmer they just had the standard style Band-Aids and she was so bummed out. The nurse at the hospital told me they never buy fun Band-Aids, they only have them when they are donated."

Hence, Rosie's birthday wish: to add more color and joy to the patients in the oncology wing. Ahead of her February birthday, Rosie and her mom visited Narcoossee Elementary to pick up five large boxes full of donations.

"It's so thoughtful for other kids to think about kids like Rosie because really before she was diagnosed with cancer, I had never met another child with cancer. I feel like it’s not something kids see that often so for them to help out like this and collect Band-Aids and coloring books like this for the oncology floor is really special to us."

Hudson was able to meet Rosie, the girl his class dedicated a month to helping.

"It’s better to give stuff than receiving," said Hudson.

School Principal Scott Knoebel is proud of Ms. Hendricks' class for stepping up as leaders and achieving a goal they set together.

"It feels great that we were able to actually have our students see who this is helping and knowing that what we’re doing here at school is helping so many other people in the community," said Principal Knoebel.

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