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Pleasant Hill Kindergarteners Write Letters for Senior Citizens

Kindergartners in Kaylin Nazario's class are learning how to write an essay. Ms. Nazario created a song to help her students learn the difference between a main idea and supporting details.

"We do a lot of phonic awareness where children are learning their letters and the letters sounds and learning how to build and read words.  It’s really rewarding because they come in knowing next to nothing and leave being readers," said Ms. Nazario.

To make learning more fun and meaningful to the students, the school has created a long-standing partnership with The Good Samaritan Society, a local senior living community.

"The residents over at Good Sam’s they don’t have family so when they receive these letters from our students it’s amazing for them, it’s fun," said Ms. Nazario.

The partnership is one of many reasons kindergarten student Savannah looks forward to the holidays.

"I draw them stuff like stars and moons," said Savannah. "It makes them happy."

Anytime a holiday approaches, Savannah and her entire class get to show off their writing and drawing skills.

"They get to send birthday cards, Veterans Day cards, Valentines cards, any holiday there is we’re making writing meaningful by getting to send them things," said Ms. Nazario.

As her students' progress into the first-grade next year, they will continue to write letters to their friends at Good Sam's. Ms. Nazario on the other hand, will continue the tradition with the school's newest group of students.

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