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First Day Of Kindergarten At Flora Ridge

James walked the halls of Flora Ridge Elementary School for the first time on August 12th, 2021. 
"Today is class," said James. 
It's his first day of Kindergarten in Mrs. Rodriguez's class.
"I like her this much," said James as he extended his hands as high as he could.
His young mind may not associate this day with vivid memories as he grows older, but it won't erase the significance this small step will have on his future. 
"Kindergarten is the base for everything," said Mrs. Rodriguez.
James is excited about one subject in particular.
"Learning how to spell everything. I know how to spell 'I love you!' A-p-q-r-s-w-x," said James.
In just 180 school days, Mrs. Rodriguez will help James become a stronger speller, a confident reader, and an excellent counter. 
"That's why I love this grade level because you can really see the growth," said Mrs. Rodriguez.
Mrs. Rodriguez has put careful thought and consideration into her lesson plans.
"We do pajama day in December for 'Polar Express' day, we talk about the winter holidays so students can share what they celebrate, we talk about family where they bring their projects and show their pictures.  There's a couple things that we really enjoy doing throughout the year."