• Dress Code

    New Beginnings uses a unique dress code. Please note the standard Osceola County dress code does not apply to New Beginnings Education Center. All students are expected to come to school every day dressed appropriate to the following rules.


    NBEC Shirt NBEC Pants

    • Students must wear a light blue polo shirt.
      • Shirt must be tucked into pants at all times.
      • Shirts may be purchased from NBEC for $10 each. Please contact the front office for details.
    • Students may wear one solid black or white undershirt with long or short sleeves.
    • Students must wear solid black pants.
      • No cargo pants, shorts, joggers, skirts, or spandex. 
    • Students must wear a solid black belt.
      • No studs, braids, or oversized belt buckles.
    • Students must wear undergarments.
    • No jackets, hoodies, or overshirts.
      • Students will be allowed to wear warm jackets during appropriate weather, after permission is given by administration.
    • Clothing must not have any visible logos, designs, or emblems.


    NBEC Shoes NBEC Shoes

    • Shoes must be slip-on.
      • No laces, buckles, or velcro allowed.
    • Shoes must be solid black or white.
      • No checkerboards or patterns allowed, even if black/white.
    • Shoes must have a back.
      • No flip-flops or sandals.

    Hair and Nails

    • Students must have natural hair and nail colors.
    • Students must have business appropriate hair styles.
      • No mohawks, side shaves, patterns, etc. 
      • Students with long hair must wear one basic elastic scrunchie in order to keep their hair tied back.

    Jewelry and Accessories

    • Students are expected to wear their school issued ID every day.
      • Students will be provided with one ID at the start of their time at New Beginnings for free.
      • IDs must not be defaced, cut, damaged, or broken.
      • Damaged or missing IDs can be replaced with a $5 fee.
    • No watches, smartwatches, or fitness trackers may be worn.
    • Students may wear a matching set of earrings with one in each ear.
      • Must not be larger than a quarter.
      • May only be worn in a matching pair on earlobes.
    • Students may wear a stud-style nose piercing.
    • No other jewelry is allowed on campus.
      • No bracelets, necklaces, rings, or piercings in places other than earlobes or nose.
    • Students may not wear backpacks.
    • Students may not display tattoos. Tattoos must be covered by clothing or skin-tone matching makeup.
    • Students may wear glasses if prescribed by a medical professional.

    School Supplies

    • Students may arrive with only the following things on their person:
      • School ID
      • One key, if needed to enter their home after school
      • Up to $2 in cash for lunch
      • One elastic hair scrunchie if student has long hair
    • Anything other than the above will be confiscated by school staff upon arrival and must be picked up by the parent at a later date.
    • Students at New Beginnings will have all school supplies provided for them at school.
    • Students may not bring their own supplies, such as paper, pencils, or backpacks.
    • Students may not bring smartphones or any other electronics on campus.